Day X+242-244 – Welcome back, cold!

24.04.2017 – Day X+242
Another job interview in the morning, and then rushed through IKEA to get some stuff to organize my little storage room, and then rushed home, went to the store to get a hyper huge dose of vitamins as I am feeling a cold creeping up onto me.

And since people around me are also not exactly feeling healthy, it´s another reason for me to invest into vitamins and a healthy lifestyle. For now. And stay inside as it is cold and windy. here did spring go to, where…instead someone sent us late autumn or even winter…

25.04.2017 – Day X+243
Feeling a bit under the weather still, it´s like a neverending story somehow thanks to the weather – even though it is only cloudy today, and doesn´t look like rain. But lord knows what still is to come…
But that´s still better than the really odd dreams I had last night, no clue why  my brain was so active once more but having quite a few job interviews makes my head go a tad crazy with ifs and maybes and nos and all of this. So going to my boyfriend and resting did really a good job because I was able to turn off the thoughts.

26.04.2017 – Day X+244
Once I have a new job, getting up early will be the major struggle as now that the course is over for a while again, I got used to sleep in again xD I noticed it this morning when I again got up together with my boyfriend and then went home again.

Rest of the day? Watching TV, house scores, and wasting a lot of travel time to get to physiotherapy and back again. Always such a hassle around the late afternoon hour because so many people are traveling and everything is crowded and …not really my fave time but no can do, I really need these therapy appointments as my neck wis still partially bitchy…but it´s good to relax, because tomorrow and Friday will be busy with each one job interview, both the final rounds sort of…

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Amadeus Hotel (Frankfurt am Main)

A 4* hotel, now you might think “she´s become a snob” – but far from that, when I was n Frankfurt am Main for a concert, it was the only good sounding hotel close to the venue (Batschkapp) so I literally had no choice but book this hotel. Here I can first of advice you to compare the prices, they vary up to 10€ – hotel homepage and other pages on hotel comparison are here a good choice.

Let´s start with the location…Actually the hotel is really not close to the center, and if you arrive at mainstation, I´d advise you to not choose this hotel – getting there is a pain in the neck to be totally honest, unless you travel by car. But once you get there and enter the entrance hall, I personally felt a bit misplaced because of how it looks like as you can see on the photo. The gentleman on the reception was nice, and really helpful, just as you´d expect it to be.

Once in the room, I was surprised about how spacy is was – looked neat and clean and well sorted, with a tad old (but probably matching the normal visitors staying at the hotel) furniture when it comes to its style, but everything was there what you could´ve asked for. I was surprised that I was even to fully open both windows though I was on the second floor. Clearly a plus point, because I hate nothing more than not being able to do so.  The bed was having a good mattress, not too hard but also not too soft – I felt like in heaven when I laid down especially because the pillow was one of the best ones I ever laid on. seriously. My neck and shoulders immediately fell in love with it!

The bathroom wasn´t too big but totally okay for one person, wuld´ve also been okay for two people though two ppl in there at a time would´ve been a bit of a challenge I guess. The toilet was squeezed in between the shower and the wall, so not exactly that nice – and for people with more weight on their hips than me maybe uncomfortable. The shower was nice and big, enough room to comfortably shower without needing to worry about hitting your limbs anywhere.

The whole room was rather quiet, seems like the walls were either thick or nicely isolated, the night was really a good one- followed by the really expensive breakfast. They offer everything from bread, bread rolls, over yoghurt, cereals and warm stuff like eggs and bacon and such…but somehow I cannot really find justice for this price as I really had the same kind of breakfast for at least 4€ less. So somehow I personally would have a second thought about if you really want to have breakfast there or not.

Overall nevertheless it really was a good stay, yet nothing for those hoping to suck up on wifi internet, as you gotta pay extra for this. And no, this is no joke and one of the biggest no-gos for me if you aren´t even in a cheap hotel or so. I think nowadays it should be included, but well, shit happens.

So you gotta set priorities there, but I really was happy about my choice of hotel.

Prices normal/standard room
Single starting from 56€
Double starting from 57€
+ Breakfast 14,50 € per person

Röntgenstraße 5
60388 Frankfurt am Main


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Day X+239-241 – Rainy weekend

21.04.2017 – Day X+239
I woke up at 5am to get ready for my workout class, but with an aching throat and sneezing and a blocked nose, I had no choice but turn off the alarm and get back to bed and rather sleep and do my own slow and laid-back stretching and workout programme split up all over the day.

In the afternoon I then went to my boyfriend´s place, for a relaxed evening together and celebrating us being tired 😉

22.04.2017 – Day X+240
Couldn´t sleep long somehow, and I have no idea why, somehow my brain wasn´t tired enough to seep longer than until 9am. really weird, as sleep could nearly be considered my hobby.  Followed by a lazy breakfast and then getting back home, I was totally lazy by the time I had entered my flat, but still forced myself to get stuff done – the more I get done today, the fewer things I gotta do still tomorrow 😉

Especially since I really had to get my butt moving, since workout out clearly has come too short lately, I really have to admit this. But I am simply lacking the power and will…

23.04.2017 – Day X+241
I started the day with a short run – in between too rainy times, and was fighting against the cold wind that nearly killd my lung. It´s those moments or temperatures that make me notice that I will always have asthmatic problems…

Rest of the day was much about sports and such, gotta catch up what I didn´t do during the last week – otherwise I´ll be regretting it once I step onto my scale again…but it´s hard as the weather really makes sports impossible outside…

Otherwise…watching series, cleaning up, and preparing for tomorrow´s job interview…

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Always on Sunday (39)

To be honest, this introduction text really becomes harder and harder each and every time I am supposed to writing it, simply because the content just comes right underneath and I suck at small talk (written and spoken, to be honest) ^^

// Done //
– 2 job interviews
– Application writing
– Trying to reach my daily goal
– Feeling worn out and partially really sick with

// Eaten //
– Tuna steak, self grilled for the very first time
– Too much meat to be honest, I really need to cut it down again – but my bbq grill invites me to eat so much of it
– Greek food again at the restaurant
– Rests of my self-baked bread

// Bought //
– Food, drink
– An ironing board
– Booked a cooking course for my boyfriend and me

// Listened to //
– Faey
– Apocalyptica
– Gus G

// Watched //
– “Türkisch für Anfänger”
– A German series that is about a German family and a Turkish family becoming a patchwork family and all the troubles that come with it – all made in a funny and humorous way with a tad of exaggeration
– No idea how it´s called, but it´s a Netflix series on Nature in the Americas – pretty cool pictures and interesting stuff, but in case you are not into insects, you are so gonna enjoy some of the scenes sooo much. Not.
YouTube videos on sewing and how to sew certain materials…

// Read //
An article on how to clean up our life – well, basically also covering the wardrobe and everything, and it´s something I also need to learn. Because I tend to do more than just one “project” a day and then things become just stressful and not freeing and relievng again…

// Played //
– “Codenames”
– a card game where it´ all about guessing the right words that are being laid out on the table, described by the other person with just one word – crappy description, if you wanna know more and more in detail, have a look *here*
– “Catherine” – it´s a video platform puzzler game – and to be honest I am totally too lazy to describe the whole, all I will say that I suck at playing with a console, but I need a while until I can really do that well – anyways, read more *here*

// Thought //
Which things I could be doing in my free time, as I am always on the look and search for new things to try out and find crazy people joining me. So this is kinda what I spent a lot of time on, and my list of possible things to do over the time grows and grows, and that´s kinda nice – just sucks I need money for that all ^^

// Happy about //
Having had a tiny little weightloss – it´s better than nothing. A tiny little spark of hope that it is going a step forward maybe.

// Angry about //
Companies that promise you to come back to you after a certain amount of time and then either need x-times as long as promised without notice, or never come back to you at all. I remember that one company where I spent like 3h of job interview (2 interviews in total) and never heard back from them even though they were so looking for a new project manager. These things are the ones that make me so freaking angry. Who do they think they are? Superior? Fuck I hate this ignorance, they are no damn better than someone who is JUST unemployed and looking for a job.

// Wished for //
Good news. In regards of a job. A second invite for a job interview is not enough anymore to make me happy, as I just wait for things to blow up after this second talk. And then I would get the no anyways after having invested even more hopes and time and power into the whole.

// Dreamt about //
About moving to a lonely island, where you only get to by boat and are the only ones living on there, have tons of nature, can grow your own food, keep your animals and everything…probably describes how I feel about humans at times xD

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Series: Grand Designs

As my boyfriend and I are always on the hung for series to watch on Netflix, we also came across this one and – jokingly at first – started watching a first episode, but then kinda enjoyed it enough to keep watching all that you were able to watch on netflix.

Spoiler: not all episodes that actually exist are on there, but who knows, maybe they´ll be adding more with the time.

But now, let´s di into the content!

Episodes generally follow a regular format, with small variations depending on the progress of the build. At the beginning of an episode, McCloud meets the clients embarking on the project; he visits the site with them, and discusses the plans for the building. A computer visualisation or computer-aided design view of the intended project is shown.

And often already then you can notice that the ideas of house design are really big and vibrant, crazy and innovative – and the knowledge about what these ideas might cost them in the end are rather badly guessed. Already then I had quite a few laughs usually, because I would never choose approaches how many of those people do, but hey, I also haven´t decided on building a house (yet).

Once ground work commences, he visits the site periodically, following the build progress, noting any changes, hitches or delays; the build frequently runs over budget and completes later than scheduled.

And actually it is pretty much fun to guess how much of a delay they will be having or how much they get ove rtheir budget – I know it´s a cruel thing to do, but it´s just too inviting to not do this. Especially when they start killing their budget already during the first two months of building but are not willing to cut down on other parts of the house, it´s time for yet anotehr session of laughing an shaking your head – but it remains really entertaining throughout the whole process.

He visits again once the building is then made watertight, and the first and second fixes have commenced. He makes a final visit to the site in its finished or near-finished state, once the occupants have moved in. A tour of the house is then given; McCloud brings the episode to a close summarising the house, its construction, and his opinions.

And sometimes these visit open up surprising not-reached goals, issues and other things a normal watcher can laugh about, as their planning had been too astronomically wrong – especially when people themselves want to be the planner or project manager on site, though they never even had been doing anything close to such a job before.

Most, or nearly close to all of the shown projects, aka houses, are finished and shown as finished pieces of art (looking at the contruction material you mostly can either love it or hate it, being in between is pretty hard as they usually aren´t showing houses made of average materials). And then the results are pretty jaw-dropping, and kinda make you want such a house as well…

Therefore: if you are into watching people overestimating their skills, struggle, but in the end manage to build their house or want inspiration for your own house and enjoy architecture – go and check it out on Netflix!


Sources for quotes and header-image:

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Day X+236-238 – Interviews and April´s weather

18.04.2017 – Day X+236
A full day with my boyfriend, with playing card games, video games, laughing, being lazy and simply enjoying the time when both of us are actually relaxed. And in the evening we wanted to go out for dinner, but the restaurant we had picked was closing early – at least we noticed in last second when we wanted to start going there. In the end we ended up at our fave Greek restaurant again – and it was so tasty again…in the evening then my throat started aching, and I really hope it´s just been caused by not drinking enough today…

19.04.2017 – Day X+237
A day that ran by and was busy as hell – Got up, breakfast, quick shower, getting ready for job interview, bus rides to the company, an hour of job interview, then rides back. 20min at home before going to physiotherapy where I need an hour there and an hour back, and the half an hour of therapy, then food shopping and then home. And then it was already 8pm and the day over. Quick dinner, and relaxing hot bath before dropping into bed to be in shape for another job interview tomorrow.

20.04.2017 – Day X+238
Woke up at 8ish in the morning and couldn´t fall asleep anymore so I did read a few pages before slowly getting ready for my job interview at around lunch time – and so far this job really belongs to those jobs where I would really LOVE to get the job a 100% but I am keeping my hopes down to not be disappointed in the end as I had been in the past already.  Afterwards quickly made a trip to the post office to send out a parcel, and in the evening then went to pick up two parcels from the dhl parcel station…at least they brought it there, and as I still had to fill my steps count anyways…but in general I am really feeling worn out and am pretty much tired for most times…maybe it is just the weather driving me insane, but we will see…

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Day X+232-235 – Rainy Easter

14.04.2017 – Day X+232
So yesterday I spent a part of the night sewing, and today I rather got up late and felt lazy because …reasons 😉 But I did do quite a share of cleaning and some more sewing preparations for my next project, and all this daily business…including waiting for good weather to actually get my daily 11.000 Steps done which lately has become a challenge due to the weather… but there is always series and food, you know ;))

15.04.2017 – Day X+233
Rainy day oh rainy day…i hate it, because it makes it so tough for me to really fulfill my daily step goal…but as I had to hop into the grocery store and to the post box anyways, I combined one of the few not-wet times of the day – always worried that it might start raining cats and dogs any moment again. But I was lucky. But then at the store it rained coffee when some idiot ran into me and poured his hot coffee over me. But anyways, the day was full of ups and downs, but the late afternoon and evening was really lovely – amazing food, and the second part of “Alice in Wonderland” on DVD – and once not counting WeightWatchers points for the evening…felt good.

16.04.2017 – Day X+234
I woke up and had plans…and all of a sudden time started to rush by and before I noticed it was evening again – and I didn´t do many of the things I had planned to do. Simply because house scores and needing to go for walks to reach my 11.000 steps a day ate most of the time, and in the end I didn´t even touch the sewing machine but just finished transferring the shape of a dress onto paper…in the evening I then noticed that I didn´t have any bread and decided to “quickly” bake some bread and in the meantime did the rest of my workout programme for the day.

17.04.2017 – Day X+235
Got up, and it was lunchtime already because I simply enjoy sleeping so much – at like 9am I was fit but just wanted to relax a few more minutes in bed and then it was 12 all of a sudden…and then rushed to get house scores done and pack for my time at my boyfriend´s place…oh and I did the mistake to check my weight and that really got me frustrated because I have no idea what I am doing wrong that I simply don´t get any weight down…

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Always on Sunday (38)

This Sunday has somehow passed by so quickly that I couldn´t even figure it out because…man where did the day go? I was busy and tired at the same time, that I started the blog entry at lunch time – and didn´t get it all done until just now. Between walks, and sports and everything, time slipped through my fingers 😉

// Done //
– Job interview and writing applications, as well as coordinating coming job interviews
– Working out and trying to really get back on track with Weight Watchers and getting my body into a proper shape – and that´s harder than I thought somehow
– Baking bread and banana bread
– Received my electric mini grill and did a first little barbecue in my kitchen with marinated meat nd fell in love with it
– Sewing – finally again and it feels goot to be back on it!
– A lot of walks, no matter if rainy or not

// Eaten //
– Banana bread, selfmade – same for self-baked normal bread
– Casserole and even normal pasta
– Probably too much meat
– CHocolate ice cream, oh how I missed it

// Bought //
– Nothing special, just the usual stuff one needs for surviving 😉

// Listened to //
– Gus G and James Paul Luna playing an acoustic set
– Faey

// Watched //
– Shameless
– I finished off this series as only the first 5 seasons of it are freely available on Amazon Prime – and now I am desperate because I really got used to watching it every day and seriously got hooked on it and then booom, two seasons remaining, but I would need to pay for it…damnit!
– Die Kochprofis – always makes me shudder and shake my head and at the same time wonder if I should probably open a restaurant or similar, because I could top the level presented there. What is actually a pity is, that one of the chefs that has been there for ages left the show and now is replaced by changing other great chefs…it is like an essential part is gone missing, feels weird somehow. But let´s see how things will be developing over time.

// Read //
Already earlier on I had read an article about the restoration of the “Tomb of Christ” with its church around and even though I am totally not religious or anything, I find it kinda fascinating. The building itself, and the believe that Jesus would be buried down there…okay, I have a smirk on my face when I even wrte this because I don´t even think this is the place, but that´s just un-religious me. Furthermore I don´t even think it brings you closer to God if you kneel down in front of some tomb where he is believed to be buried. Anyways, that´s not really why I am writing about this, but it seems like during the restoration, they are facing some problems and even there is the risk of it all falling into pieces as it is built on not so stable grounds, read about it **here**

// Played //
Planet Coaster again, it is like my substitute for not being able to hop onto rollercoasters again unless I wanna risk my neck and shoulders being all fucked up again…at least I think that this is the reason why I am partially playing so much with this game…

// Thought //
That I really need to expand my job search more onto the surrounding cities as well, no matter how much I enjoy Hamburg and its people, I have to find a job and either communte or find a different solution. But I really need and want a damned job, it´s more and more getting me frustrated and permanently upset. And this is not how I want to be, and probably also not how the people around me want me to be.

// Happy about //
Having my anti-allergic pills, because without them I´d have to lock myself up in m apartment, not go outside and not even open the windows…I am really happy that my skin-doctor didn´t have any problems in giving me a new pack of those pills back then, they really save me even though I still do have my problems with itchy eyes and such, but I can handle that without a problem.

// Angry about //
The fact that my flexibility work is stagnating, no improvements to be see at all and this just drives me nuts as I am doing it more or less 5 days a week for 40-50minutes each time. At the start a lot of progress was visible immediately but now…nothing. It rather feels like I am doing steps backwards and I have no idea why.

// Wished for //
Proper sunny spring weather to be back, but maybe without all the pollen shit because…allergies. But april weather really kills my nerves, going for walks has become nearly impossible because you never know if you will get soaked the next second…this is no fun anymore, especially because I have to get my steps done and need good weather. So yeah, good weather and the usual like no allergies, a job and such…

// Dreamt about //
Nothing in particular, odd dreams, stuff I can hardly remember when waking up…maybe it is better that way – and I really think it is if my brain leaves me alone 😉

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Sewing: Short Dress

Size: XL (longer than initial pattern)
Fabrics: Summerfleece (
Pattern: Tunic / Schneidern-Nähen
Instructions: Written & with pictures
Time needed: ~6.5 hours

Well, we all have these projects that start as one thing and end up as something else – at least that´s become nothing uncommon for me when sewing, and this short dress clearly is fitting into this category.

I started off with making the initial pattern longer, because I wanted to have it at a comfy length. All good and fine, started cutting the pieces and putting them together as they were supposed and when trying it on for the first time I wondered who on earth ever could have such tiny thin arms as the pattern insisted. That clearly was not possible at all, and as I lost my nerves I kinda ditched the project for quite a while unfortunately.

Then searched for ways how to make it wider, and all the cutting, applying, sewing one more thing it really did cost me quite some time and will, but all of a sudden things went really smooth, and within two hours I managed to add the widening parts and finish it all off.

And then I looked at the mirror and was like “fuck, I look like…a ghost. Just in black. And fat and…” – so I had to sew a little belt to match my little dress (bye bye tunic, you looked like shit) and you have no idea how happy I was when this finally was all done!

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Day X+229-231 – It´s not all sunshine

11.04.2017 – Day X+229
I have annoyed myself with my moodswings, but at least today feels better again…not that I am motivated to do anything, but not wanting to kill someone or curl up cring in bed is quite an improvement as I would call it 😉 I did house scores and stuff like this, and then already had to go and pick up my by from work and made the mistake to hang out at the office for a few minutes – resulted in odd and creepy dreams at nighttime again. I always ignore the fact what effects it comes with…The rest of the evening was nice and relaxing, just what we both needed…

12.04.2017 – Day X+230
Waking up to such a warmish-wet weather is just…unnice. And if you´re in bed with someone you love, it gets even less attractive to get up and go outside. But no choice there, so I did what I had to do and was happy once I was home. Sneezing and somehow feeling under the weather, I spent the day with the usual stuff – series, a little stretching, application writing, cooking, and such stuff…nothing too fancy, nor exciting I suppose. And I am not getting started on changed plans for Easter as I am currently too pissed to even put things into words.

13.04.2017 – Day X+231
I had the idea of spending the Easter days with sewing as I am now having like 1,5 days unplanned time, and thus had to go and find some fabrics for my current project. Easier said and done, but I succeeded. Just took me more than an hour to get to that store and the same back, including some disgusting rain and disgusting weather as a whole. And all that didn´t really cheer up my mood, it is and remains crappy and I feel like it´s not gonna improve any time soon. Some things just disappoint me and require time to think about…and time to get rid off anger. Ah well, but no can do, instead of making the best out of it and keep myself busy.

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Day X+225-228 – Traveling, music and daily business

07.04.2017 – Day X+225
So, I travelled to Frankfurt in the morning to see Franky Perez (ex Apocalyptica singer) perform with guitarist Steve Stevens (Billy Idol). And no, I didn´t know Steve Stevens before and no, I do not like him. So I really went there just for Franky, because I miss his voice. And his performance. Anyways, the trainride there was okay, until I had to get to my hotel from the S-Bahn station – opposite to Google Maps I wasn´t able to walk, and had to take a bus (which was for free for me as the busdriver couldn´t change my 50€ bill for small money). And from the end stop it was justa bit to my hotel – I noticed I had booked myself into a 4 star hotel, which was funny because I hadn´t even checked this.  I felt totally misplaced when enterting, but just was happy to be in my room and take a shower to feel like a human being again.

Afterwards went for a walk for a first check of where the venue is, and then for a coffee, and then it was already late and time to change and go to the venue. So many comarably old people queueing, I felt like a baby amongst eldery people, really. Even the security at the entrance was making fun of me being young. Well thank you. The support band consisted of Gus G and a mate playing an acoustic set – and to be honest I somehow had in mind that gus G would´ve been a tad older, but nope…hahaha wrong. Anyhow, great acoustic set and I totally fell in loe with it – I hope someone will record it in its entity and maybe even pretty professionally. Would be too nice. And would love to see it again. But probably won´t.

Anyways, when the main show was on, it was weird to see Franky perform with a different band than Apocalyptica. It felt wrong. And a the same time I noticed how happy he looked and how much he really fit in there – in this music, in the setting and everything.  It felt right. Just sucks that probably he won´t return to Apocalyptica in the end. Anyways, t was an amazing show and I really loved it, clearly had been too short. And a pity that there was no chance meeting him…

Ended up having midnight dinner from McDonalds, which caused some migraine at nighttime for me…

08.04.2017 – Day X+226
…because of aforementioned reasons I didn´t sleep too well and decided to get breakfast at the hotel for a hilariously high price, but I needed to recover for the train ride. Which I spent mostly napping and halfway asleep.  I felt like I had been drinking, the damned aftermath from my migraine. Afterwards straight went to my boyfriend´s place and just relaxed for the rest of the day, because I was really dead. It´s been too much somehow.

09.04.2017 – Day X+227
A late breakfast with my boyfriend, a slow start into the day…just what I needed. Though it was tough to even get out of bed at all because of still being tired and exhausted. Went home and did…well, relaxing and then in the evening I went for a run – and was surprised about how much my time had improved. Maybe some one-time luck, who knows. But it felt really good for a change, though my lungs didn´t like the combination of allergies and running…

10.04.2017 – Day X+228
Getting up, doing house scores, rushing to a job interview, rushing to buy some stuff and then some groceries, phone time and dinner and then the day was pretty much over somehow. Like, daytime wise. But I still had the night for baking banana bread and normal bread – now that I have the power to actually get stuff done, I need to use it…as this is becoming more and more rare.

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Always on Sunday (37)

A sunny week is coming to its end, and so have some thoughts on the week noted down 😉 Been a busy weekend, so this is why this is blog is coming so late…

// Done //
– Writing applications and enjoying a week without job interviews
– Loads of flexibility workout and filling my fitbit with steps as I always reached my whole Weight Watchers points and invested it all in food :S
– Biking – as much as my eyes had allowed e to before itching as hell due to allergies
– Seen Franky Perez with Steve Stevens in Frankfurt – it was a great show! And clearly something that I will enjoy looking back to!
– Struggled with internet issues and my stupid arrogant asshole internet provider thinking they could treat me like an idiot – just sucks that I do know certain things…

// Eaten //
– Asian takeaway
– Chicken in all kinds and shapes
– Loads of pine apple
– McDonalds and I really do feel guilty as fuck

// Bought //
– Some not dangerous stuff to support my weightloss
– Normal food
– A baking shape for my bread

// Listened to //
– Apocalyptica
– Franky Perez
– all the stuff that Gus G played at the Frankfurt show, as well as the songs that Steve Stevens did

// Watched //
– Shameless
– my new addiction, it´s a really cool series about a chaotic family. Full of dark humor, and everything…I cannot stop watching it, so I spent pretty much all of my freetime with Amazon Prime Video…
– Grand Designs on Netflix – these crazy house building ideas, alwaysfascinating. And something to learn from – how not to do stuff ^^

// Read //
Nothing. Seriously. I tried continuing my book which I will try again during the coming week, but for this week I failed. Didn´t read the news, nor any articles online because somehow I am fed up with all the bad news on terrble things going on – I need a break from all this negativity shit.

// Played //
Setting up my amusement park again together with my boyfriend, and that was it pretty much – too busy, and not finding really the time to sit down and just focus on one single thing at a time…and it is most fun when playing it together, as usual – you can laugh together ^^

// Thought //
It is funny that I saw guitarist Gus G already before, seemingly with Ozzy Osbourne, at Sauna Open Air back in the days but really cannot remember shit of it anymore. Really frustrating, because I missed out on a great guitar player and solos and shit, and now I saw him again at least. And was really impressed. Seriously.

// Happy about //
Having seen Franky Perez on stage again – it felt good to hear his voice again, see him perform, all the energy on stage and everything…and happy to see how he was enjoying the performing and everything. It made me smile. It´s been too long that I had seen them on stage the last time, and lord knows how long it´s gonna take until the next time…

// Angry about //
I´ve surely been angry about just something during the week, but right now I really cannot remember anything anymore – which is probably a first time and is not gonna happen again any time soon.

// Wished for //
The usual, a job, more money, less depression – and having the time to chat with Franky. Been too long. And maybe a photo with Gus G (nope, not fangirling at all…)…

// Dreamt about //
Many odd things covering many bands from my past and…so weird why this is all coming up right now, I have no clue why. And it is neither full nor new moon…so this cannot cause all the odd dreams…maybe I need a break from…something. Music? Hahaha lord knows, no idea.

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Testing Lesson: Aerial Silk

The second lesson this day (as the Aerial Silk on was also on this Saturday) I already started with the worries about my left arm, trust issues, great thing. But I thought I would give it a try anyways, as I had to pay for it since it would´ve been too late to cancel. And at the start I was actually confident that it would be working good, but…I was totally wrong.

We started with yet another warm-up session that already brought me to my limits, as my muscles really struggled and started shaking already then. Was kinda hilarious to realize how much my body was done already.

Swinging back to get up and in position

The first move we did was probably the one that was easiest on me, because I had learned to overcome my fears when it comes to any kind of roll forward or backwards, but swinging upwards to then get into the position that you can see on the photo, was not as easy.

But what followed then was learning how to make a knot with the Silk and I really noticed that making a damned knot, no matter how simple it looked with my teacher, was quite a challenge for me. my feet aren´t made for that maybe, and coordinating feet and legs were just…I rather managed a knot in my legs instead of a knot in the fabrics. Somehow this didn´t work in like 90% of the times, and I was really frustrated and running out of energy.

Being exhausted and trying to do all of this was an ultimate challenge, and one I more and more gave up because I felt how my muscles started cramping and in the end I just quickly did that one move for the photo.

Conclusion? Easy. Even less my cup of tea than Aerial Hammock is. Too much sliding, too wobbly fabrics and everything…I cannot coordinate things like this hahaha

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