16:8 – two weeks in!

So, week 1 had brought me an unplanned weightloss of 0,5kg – let´s see what the scale is gonna see after this week. All I had planned for is feeling fitter and get my body more into the “away from dieting and more to te I gotta work” mode again and I think that works pretty well. At least that´s how I feel.

14.03. Thursday

In the evening I had to hurry after all of my working out, and that´s the major challenge – during the work week to do my sports and then get dinner ready and eaten until 8pm. It requires a lot of planning and multitasking at times and that´s pretty annoying and frustrating to be really honest.

15.03. Friday

Swimmong on empty stomach felt even better than last time, though at first I felt like I was lacking energy – the results proved me wrong! The rest of the day was okay, until my first meal I started to feel like starving because of the swim training having been pretty heavy but overall I managed it. It starts to feel more normal, even though it´s still a lot of it comes from pure discipline.

16.03. Saturday

In the moring I on purpose had to really cut it with fasting, yismply because I had to have some proper food before I started my trip – and that meant to eat before 12:00 noon. BUt in the evening I then did better, until I came home at 2.30am where I simply still had to have a snack.

17.03. Sunday

I am on track again, and even though I feel like eating permanently, it felt pretty good. Weekends usually are less of a problem than during the weekdays, because I sleep late and then just have food closely after getting up whilst during the week I have to wait 5h until I can eat something.

18.03. Monday

Monday was Monday…I mean, Mondays are never amazing, are they? Joking aside, it´s gone well, nothing out of the normal, except for the fact I had this massive craving for chocolate that I did not have like that during week1…may it please vanish as fast as it popped up xD

19.03. Tuesday

It´s been a good da, even though I gotta say that I really was craving sweets all day long and it´s been pretty much what I ate first when it was finally “eating time”. Not healthy and not smart, but I SO needed that xD Besides that – it starts to become a bit of a routine with the eating times, but it´s still a challenge in the evenings because I actually like eating late and eating until 8pm still feels far too early.

20.03. Wednesday

In the nighttime I was still craving sweet stuff and had a snack (yup, shame on me!) and my stomach didn´t really approve that I think. Not eating in the morning felt a bit dumb because I had a dentist appointment at 9am that included an injection and you know how much I love needles. But I survived. And wasn´t even hungry afterwards anymore because I was feeling so stressed out. The rest of the day was fine again, simply because having my rest week means I am not permanently hungry for once XD


SwimBikeRun Training – Week 26

Month 3 of training with just little rest days in between, and my body really made me feel that – even though I´ve been doing great this week when it comes to really getting a hang of it, at the end of the week I just had to face the fact that my mind and body really needed a timeout and a time without thinking about training and being focussed and without discipline and needing to stick to the own created training plan xD

Biking (12.03.2019)

This week´s just been 18.5km and a bike on Tuesday, simply because I didn´t feel fit enough and regenerated on the weekend in order to do another and longer bike ride. And this one even was no fun, unless you count massive rain and changing wind the best weather for biking in the dark. But in the end it felt good anyways, and that´s what still counts the most as I am still getting used to my bike and everything that comes with it!

Running (11. & 14.03.2019)

Run number one was at least how it felt a good one, or well, rather an ok-one because I am still comparing times and heartrate and whatot with how it´s been before

Run number two was a case of “I started too fast and then couldn´t keep up my pace” – I always feel so amazing during the first metres and forget that after half a year without running I might not have the strength and endurance that I had before. It´s been one of those frustrating 2km, but I just gotta keep going and biting and fighting.

Freeletics (11. & 14.03.2019)

It´s getting tougher with the exercises again – like, really tougher again. The step from one level to another seems to be bigger than expected, but I can still keep up and I keep going. Soe exercises though I still don´t get working no matter how often I am trying and trying and trying again…but I am not yet giving up!

Swimming (15.03.2019)

It´s been yet another Friday (too) early morning and it´s been another “let´s swim 2000m in a row”-morning. And it´s been a “oh wow, I improved my time by around 4minutes” training. I was happy but deadly exhausted after all the adrenaline had faded and my shoulders and legs were just hurting. Especially my right knee – there was something wrong but I couldn´t really tell what, so I really needed some rest!

Gym: Parksport – Rastede

Having my Hansefit membership card, it opens up the possibilities on where to go for my workouts. As this gym isn´t far away from my office, it´s the best choice – and in generel it´s a rather good choice, with its ups and downs though.

So, it´s easy to reach I would say, has a nice parking lot and really nice staff. You come in there and you feel welcome, which is cool.

Also it has spacious and nicely renovated dressing rooms and…a sauna! But as I´ve always been there just for doing my weekly workout, I cannot tell much about the sauna yet!

The studio is split into several course rooms and one area for weight training, which is pretty crammed and not really my taste. It feels like you tried to squeeze in everything you need for a proper fitness studio and that doesn´t give you any fun during training.

Also, and you might laugh: I don´t have any data connection on my phone there and since my playlists are mostly online on Spotfiy, I am screwed there. So I usually don´t do my weights there.

Next to the weights area, there is a little workout circle with, I am sorry to tell, not so up to date and new machines and thus I only used it once. It´s simply not been fun at all.

Also the bikes and cardio machines there are not working as great as they are in another space there. I don´t really understand you cannot use the same machines in all parts of the studio.

So, the other part of the studio is a nice electric workout circle which is really top notch and up to date and you need a special training for that before using it. then there is the crossfit tower with all of its possibilities.

And upstairs is where you mostly find me – there is the bikes that are pretty new and fancy, same for the rowing machines and crosstrainers and such.

I love looking down from there and watch people whilst working out, that´s pretty much a bonus!

Overall – as I haven´t tested any courses so far – it´s the place to go to for me. The other people training there are nice, the machines are okay, it´s quick and easy to get there…it´s a good place.

Stadtkind auf Dorfparty (16.03.2019)

Sorry folks, German only – it just felt like it makes more sense like this ^^

Oder aber: Carina fährt nach Rotenburg, ist Ersthelfer bei einem Autounfall, fährt dann 7km nach Waffensen zum Eiertanz und ist einen Abend lang musikalisch flexibel und TANZT!

Das wäre so ziemlich die Kurzversion des ganzen Tages – eines Tages, der nicht hätte mehr eine Achterbahn sein können. Ich wollte einen Tag lang mal nicht ans Triathlon-Training denken und aus Wilhelmshaven rauskommen. Und Tripod spielten in…tadaaa, Waffensen. Ja, ich kannte den Ort vorher auch nicht – aber man lernt ja dazu: 7km von Rotenburg (Wümme) entfernt, und… laut Wikipedia der Entstehungsort des 2004er Computervirus Sasser. Aber an sich wirklich kein Ort, den man kennen müsste.

Aber: wie wäre es denn damit, ein Stadtkind auf einer Dorfparty? Ich war vorgewarnt, und skeptisch.

Aber bis ich wissen sollte, ob ich zurecht skeptisch war, war es noch eine ganze Weile. Ich bin mittags los mit dem Ziel, mir Rotenburg ein wenig anzuschauen. Auf der Fahrt wurde das Wetter immer beschissener, und ich bereute es, schon so früh losgefahren zu sein. Aber so wie ich bin, bin ich dann trotzdem losgezogen mitsamt Schirm und dem eisernen Willen, etwas sehen zu wollen. Und das klappte dann auch ganz gut, auch wenn die Ausschilderung deren “Kulturpfades” echt zu wünschen übrig lies. Der Ort hat nette Ecken, aber ist an einem Samstag nach 13 Uhr schon echt tot – und ich dachte, dass es hier in Wilhelmshaven verwerflich sei, wenn am WE die Läden früh schließen würden. Aber das ist nichts gegen Rotenburg. Aber ich hatte meinen Spaß, konnte abschalten, war ausgelassen.

Und dann kam alles anders. Anders als “geplant” – aber sowas plant man auch nicht. Ich war gerade wieder auf dem Rückweg ins Zentrum, ging über eine Brücke über der Wümme. Und gegenüber kam ein Auto von der Fahrbahn ab und knallte mit voller Wucht in das Geländer der Brücke. Ich will ehrlich gesagt nicht viel darüber schreiben, weil mich das Ganze genug verfolgt und beschäftigt.

Aber ich kann sagen: ich hab es als natürlichstes der Welt angesehen zu helfen. Da denkt man nicht mal mehr nach, sondern macht einfach nur. Ja, es war vllt gefährlich, das Auto hätte in die Wümme stürzen können und haste nicht gesehen. Aber scheiß drauf, solange da Menschen drin sind, muss man was machen. Ende aus. Und die Fahrerin sowie ihre Mutter sind da soweit unverletzt rausgekommen – nur mit einem ultimativem Schock, den wohl jeder nachvollziehen kann. Aber danach war der Tag gelaufen. Vorerst.

Nach der Zufuhr von viel Zucker (ein Hoch auf Apfelfinnen, von denen ich direkt 4 Stück gegessen habe), Cola, Wasser und Keksen hab ich mich langsam wieder gefühlt wie ein Mensch und nicht mehr ein Zombie. Aber ich wollte einfach nur noch aus diesem Ort raus. Weg von dort. Ich also ins Auto und los.

Und dann stand ich da – auf der Abbiegerspur. Die Spur, auf der sich alles staute, weil das Auto immer noch geborgen wurde. Und ich musste über diese Brücke. An der Stelle vorbei. es gab einfach keinen anderen Weg. Augen zu und durch, oder so. Danach war ich wieder nassgeschwitzt und froh, als ich in Waffensen ankam. Obwohl…war ich froh? ich weiß es nicht – es war eher ein sich fragen, wo zur Hölle ich gelandet war.

Ich also geparkt und im Nieselregen einen weiteren Kulturpfad abgelaufen – und ich will ja nichts sagen, aber ich habe gut gelacht. ein verzweifeltes und irres Lachen wohl am ehesten. Aber die Bewegung tat gut, die Ablenkung auch. Aber die Zeit wollte nicht vergehen, ich hatte Hunger und…bin an den Rand von Rotenburg gefahren und habe zu Abend gegessen, bin wieder zurück habe noch was im Auto gedöst. Und dann rein ins Vergnügen.

Ja doch, das Gebäude und die Location von innen war das, was man sich von einer Dorf-Lokalität vorstellt. Und nein, das ist per se nicht böse gemeint – die Leute waren nett, alles war gut. Bis zu dem Zeitpunkt wo ich erfahren habe, dass 400 Tickets im VVK rausgegangen waren. 400. Leute. in. dieser. Örtlichkeit. Unvorstellbar. Aber machbar, wie ich danach noch festgestellt habe. Genau so wie es auf dem Dorf machbar ist, dass Mutter mit Tochter und Vater zusammen feiern und Tanzen. Irgendwie skurril.

Tripod (der einzige Grund wieso es mich dorthin verschlagen hat) haben immer ein Set gespielt und danach eine kleine Pause – in der ich immer zum Auto bin um wieder Sauerstoff in meine Lunge zu bekommen und etwas zu trinken, denn von Minute zu Minute wurde es drinnen wärmer – da half es auch nicht die Fenster auf kipp zu stellen.

Ich war durchgeschwitzt, und zwar….VOM TANZEN (ich glaube das ist schon Kompliment genug)! Ja liebe Leute, auch ich tue das. Neuerdings. Und das nüchtern! Aber in der “Menge” habe ich mich wohl gefühlt, und auch wenn´s eine Weile gedauert hat bis ich warm geworden bin, wäre ich dann am liebsten bis zum bitteren Ende geblieben.

Aber irgendwann kam dann doch der Mann mit dem Hammer, der mir die Müdigkeit in den Körper schlug und auch ein großer Teil des Publikums wo ich stand und tanzte hatte einen Alkoholpegel erreicht, der mir dann doch sagte: Carina, jetzt ist der Zeitpunkt zu gehen. Hier und da war es nicht mehr angenehm, besonders die jungen Typen dort sind weit übers Ziel hinausgeschossen und bevor ich dann genervt bin und gehe, bin ich gut gelaunt gegangen.

Es waren tolle Stunden, ich konnte abschalten – ich habe nicht ans Training gedacht, nicht an den Unfall, ich wollte einfach nur Spaß haben. Und den hatte ich definitiv! Ach ja, und Ohrwürmer – viele Ohrwürmer. Und ich habe gelernt: ich musikalisch sehr flexibel – tanzen und feiern kann man zu jeder Musik, wenn man sich nur drauf einlässt!

16:8 – one week in!

So, after many not working tries I decided I will gibe the 16:8 fasting yet another try, though I was really doubting in how far it was doable in combination with all of my training.

This fasting means that you have 8h a day (in a row) where to eat and then 16h where you cannot eat and only drink water. It sounds harsh and surely does take a lot of will and determination to get through the first days especially. I am eating between 12:00 noon until 8pm, the rest is fasting-

I am not doing tat mainly for weightloss, rather because I wanna get my body more active again and more stimulated, so I am hoping to reach this with this fasting. If I notice that it negatively influences my triathlon training, I will immediately ditch it.

07.03. Thursday

The first day. I felt like my body was permanently craving sugar, especially in the morning as I was used to having breakfast and now it was gone all of a sudden. And when I had lunch, I started feeling sick because my stomach was confused about all the food…in the evening it´s been stressful, because I was doing sports and then had to rush in order to still have a proper dinner in time.

08.03. Friday

Swimming on an empty stomach. Sounds dreadful but went really well, and I felt better than ever when swimming. I felt lighter. And also afterwards I felt well, just shortly before 12:00 noon where I can eat again, it was really like my body was having withdrawal symptoms. That was really no fun anymore. And in the evening everythng was just fine, no hunger feeling though I was up for long.

09.03. Saturday

Today I am coping quite well, though when being out biking it really felt like I was lacking that bit of extra energy as I went to bike before being allowed to eat. But that feeling only came in during the last kilometres and that was when my hunger feeling really kicked in. During the eating time I had no problems, just the long evenings during the weekend are making it tough. Because that´s where I usually had some little snacks and everything.

10.03. Sunday

Sunday went rather smooth, I woke up late and thus had brunch and then was eating normally – just in the evening it was a bit of a struggöe because I couldn´t sleep and then usually have a bit of a chocolate as a “sleep well” thingy…but I was strict to myself and so in the end it worked – and still I was annoyed!

11.03. Monday

Close call in the evening, because I was busy with running and doing my freeletics, I had to really multitask to get the food ready and eaten in time. Also, I am freezing a lot. not sure if it´s because of my body changing due to the new diet, or me being overworked from sports of me simply getting ill…not really a good day to say the least. Lack of energy there was, too…really annoying.

12.03. Tuesday

aka fail day. I woke up at night and felt totally dizzy and had to get a snack, in the morning a colleague said goodbye and there was food…yep, I feel bad about it but that´s how life rolls – I am not willing to fully restrict myself. At times just ditching that is a good thing to do. But the next days I will be back to sticking to it all!

13.03. Wednesday

Back on track with the fasting! I really think the freezing is caused by being surrounded by poeple that have a cold and thus my body needs to fight off what´s coming for me…because besides that I felt pretty good with my eating, even though the evenings are now becoming increasingly difficult for unknown reasons, whilst the mornings are just all fine as I never really was a breakfast person.

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 25

This week has been a week of many changes for me- biking twice instead of just once, swimming early in the morning instead of in the afternoon or evening and doing my 16:8 fasting. But let´s get into details now:


Run number 1 was on Monday, and it was a nice and quick and wet run! Well, as quick as possible when you are seemingly running against a wall of storm and stormy gusts. It really was a tough run, but a fun one.

Run number 2 was 2km long – and man, being able to double the distance was amazing but at the same time it also showed me how much out of shape I am and what a long road it is going to be. It´s really making me impatient at its best…


Instead of going for a really long run again just on the weekend, I had the idea of splitting the bike ride to make sure my butt doesn´t die another death 😉

So the first time biking actually was during the week, on Tuesday. After the work the weather seemed lovely and just right to go for a 20km ride into the sunset and enjoy the weather and silence and being on my own. Afterwards I was exhausted but totally relaxed and calm.

The second bike ride was a dumb idea – sturmy weather and wind gusts up to 95kmh made my 26km on Saturday a bit of a struggle more than anything else. But it was an experience and I clearly learnt from that. It was nice but really dangerous.


So this week I decided that I wanted to go and try to swim on Friday morning – right when the swimming hall opens. And it was just the best decision ever – for the first time I´ve been swimming 2000m in one go (best one was 1000m in one go) and without having had breakfast. At 6am. It´s worked so well and I felt really well afterwards also!


I´ve done two freeletics sessions this week and it´ll also be like this for the next weeks, not even attempting to squeeze in 3 workouts anymore. Because with rest days in between I noticed that also the freeletics workouts really felt better and easier for me and less of a torture.

Nyckelharpa – February 2019

Well, to be fair, February wasn´t the most music-focussed month that I´ve had in my life. I was more focussing on sports and work and everything else than picking up my nyckelharpa in a quiet moment in order to really make progress.

That´s why I´ve played mostly the tunes from January, as well as I did a lot of finger exercises that I did not (yet) record – I might do so later on depending on how much March is filled with more (or less) interesting proper tunes 😉

As you already know the “old” stuff and it´s not making sense to just report, I am just gonna share two little easy tunes that I newly played in February – also taken from the book that Jule Bauer published.

And to be fair, just too late I noticed how little you can see of my playing from this perspective…next time it´s gonna be better again, promised!

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 24


I was tired, and I was not motivated. Just as usual, everything was as usual. Except my mood was even worse and my focus was non-existing.

After 500m of normal swimming and then 250m with the swimming board and 250m with it as a combined training, I ended up having a chat with one of the swim supervisors and then had to quickly do my 1000m still because I wanted to make sure that I didn´t have to pay some extra fee because with my training card I only have 5h of training per session for free, if I get over that time, I gotta pay….

And bloody hell, I was more than 1min faster than my last personal best. I am still wondering if I miscounted, but I am pretty sure I didn´t o.O No idea how that happened to be honest, but I am so happy about that. It´s going in the right direction, though it could improve faster if it was for me and my impatience 😉


My first little bike session of ca 6km I did on Friday evening right after having picked up my bike and it was a struggle with the gearshift and I felt overtaxed and it wasn´t really smart to do it when you´re mentally and physically not in a good shape.

The long bike ride on Saturday (35km) though was amazing, I´ve been reporting on it. And I was surprised how slow I really was – sure, the path wasn´t always the best one for speeding up, but still there is something I need to work on. Just as the seating position and how to place the hands and everything…but thank God I am still having 5 months of time left…


The first two workouts went pretty well, even though one killed pretty much my legs and the other killed my abs which were burning like hell afterwards. I was really struggling with fitting the third workout into my week, and didn´t manage to do so in the end. But things are getting more difficult strength wise and how to make it fit and complement with my other training and not to make it boycott the other sessions…


So I got the okay from my physiotherapist to increase the speed of my runs, just unfortunately not the distance. But if he says that I am allowed to go faster, I am the last one to not follow it 😉

First run on monday after physiotherapy, with intervals – 200m in normal speed, 100m fullspeed. And that for 1,3km because I wasn´t willing to walk the last metres.

Second run on Wednesday evening after two days of migraine and after having had dinner – you can imagine how amazing this run was. Hear the sarcasm, please. But my foot didn´t hurt, and that´s all that county for me right now!

Third run was planned to be either on Friday or Sunday – but as I went for a little bike ride on Friday already, and was so sore muscle wise on Sunday, I decided on giving my body and especially my foot some rest instead!

3 months passed!

 And that also means – besides having lived in Wilhelmshaven for 3,5 months by now: I have passed my trial period at work! But et´s look at the whole “package”:


At work I got my first extra project/extra-task besides my daily work and I love this task, because it´s measurable and needs some good feeling for wording and things. It´s about improving the search result of the homepage´s search function because of course it influences if poeple using the search actually buy something or run off in the end 😉


I started to really feel like home here, it´s going its way here, the daily work, the daily driving (and I still love driving, unless there is traffic jams due to the construction work) has become a positive routine for me especially after work to slow down mentally and close the work day.

I also just started to take care of things for my balcony as it´s lately been so warm and sunny that I started to be stressed out about getting everything prepared and nice just in time. For that I still gotta pick up some more seeds and then also some potting soil to start planing my tomatos and other little herbs and stuff already now – so once they´ve grown and it´s stable enough weather wise, I will be putting those outside as well. But I fear that the coming month or also maybe April won´t really bring that stability with good weather at least – with terribly rainy weather maybe.

Inside the apartment there is still improvements to be done – I still need to get all of my starting numbers and such onto the walls, and my guestroom also partially looks like storage room and not that cozy…

Relax – no hamster in a wheel anymore!

The reason why I took this photo and also share it i this post is: I learned to relax. To spend hours on the weekend with just not doing a damned thing. Sometimes just daydreaming, sometimes reading a book, sometimes putting the phone away and watching a movie. And this is so rare for me, because when I was still in Hamburg, I always felt under pressure 24-7 and like in a hamster wheel. Here I enjoy my rest days where I don´t do sports and recover and relax and just let loose. But also in general I can let loose of work faster and better since I am here, which makes me overall more relaxed!

Exploring the surroundings

Well, I haven´t gotten as far as I had actually planned when I came here, but thanks to long walks and now biking I will be seeing a lot! And once the weather keeps getting better, I will make sure to more often hop into the car and check nearby towns more often than I have done in the rainy winter…I am ona  good way there 😉

Hello Dangast! Hello stone-penis!

You´ll probably be shaking your head and rising an eyebrow when reading the headline but…believe it or not, it´s the big (or small?) truth!

But first things first – as I picked up my bike yesterday and received one of my padded pants for biking this morning, I decided to jump onto the bike already before lunchtime and thought “ah, not gonna be that far to go to Dangast, so I can see the stone penis”.

Well. The number of a couple of kilometres didn´t scare me, but it should have. Because bking on a stationary bike is one thing – biking on a racing bike is a whole different story!

Already started with getting dressed and applying some oil to keep the muscles warm – just getting ready took me ages. And carrying down the bike sweated, because I am so afraid I might drop it or destroy the hallway or something, as clumsy as I am.

The ride to Dangast…it felt like it was taking ages and when I still had 6km left, I really just had to take a little break – my legs were burning and my heartrate was telling me to slow down, so I took some photos and enjoyed the nature that this biking route has to offer.

The scenery comes just with one negative thing: wind. And a damn lot of it. And of course that wind always comes from the wind and seems to be changing its direction frequently, which makes the balance act on the bike even more of a struggle if you´re not used to it.

But to be fair, I am really getting used to it so quickly – whilst yesterday I had my fight with figuring out how to use the gearshift properly, today it felt rather easy and during the ride it´s become more and more natural. Luckily I also had the chance to really focus on it, because hardly any people on the path I chose made it pretty relaxed.

When it Dangast, I just took a little break to take some photos and as it´s been getting cloudier and cloudier by the minute, and my legs started to get cold as the warming oil started losing its effect…And yes, Dangast indeed has a oenis statue out of stone on their beach – if you want to know how that happened, search engines are your friends 😉 But to be fair it looked bigger on pictures, and not that small hahahah

The way back led me through some paths that I had not planned to be taking but they just looked nice – nature and so many birds returning! Had a bit of a feeling that you´re stuck in a thriller and you´ll be murdered down, all alone there hahaha. Yep, my mind is being creative 😉

But anyways, I found my way back and was really happy to hop into the bath tub, because my butt and everything were hurting like hell in the second that I stepped off the bike.

I have no idea how people do that, and do tours of 100km or more – maybe I need a different saddle or even thicker padded pants…or maybe I am just a whiney girl ;))

But I loved the ride, can´t wait for next weekend and another beautiful ride for which I still need to decide on the route!