Half-Marathon Training Week 6

The day of the half-marathon is coming closer and everything is literally going down the drain with my training and me. I feel the pressure of needing to train hard in this last week before tapering, but then everything just comes differently and that´s what I hate most – when my plans just do not work out and it´s not in my hands to make it work anymore.

So yeah, this last week of “real” training has gone wrong with just one time running and one time swim training instead of three runs and two swim sessions. Why? Because after Wednesday I started feeling sick and then was struck down with the flu from Thursday afternoon on – so instead of preparing for my half-marathon for which I have run far too little kilometres anways, I was bed-bound, hot bath bound and trying to sweat out this whole shit. Even little walks felt terribly exhausting, and my formerly good feeling dropped into the red area. Frustration and doubts returned, also because I simply had too much time to think about everything.

On Monday I had a rest day, simply because my legs were still so terribly sore and heavy from the run in Bremen, that it was just not doable at all for me – stretching yes, but even walking stairs felt like running a marathon 😉

I started the sporty week with my swim training on Tuesday, and it actually wen´t quite well, I felt less stressed out exhaustion wise even though I was lacking the power on the last metres. but at least I was able to focus more on my weaknesses and I think I really managed to minimizing them this time, which felt good. And I just like doing the training with this group, we have a lot of laughs, a lot of sarcasm coming from desperation when things just don´t work out…it´s fun!

Running was on Wednesday still, and it was 10km – already then I felt that something was not quite all right with my body, my heartrate was surprinsingly low and it just did not get any higher but I was also lacking any power to push and run faster. Generally I enjoyed the run, because I love running in the dark when there is no people around, but overall I had that feeling that my body wanted to tell me something.

And it did on Thursday morning, when I felt already off track and it got worse during the office day, so I had to cancel my swim training and spent the rest of the week in bed, with just occasional stretching (yes, I´ve once again beed a bad girl and neglected stretching because my body didn´t feel stiff, no backpain anymore and such).


Concert: Antiheld (05.10.2019)

Disclaimer: This is my PRIVATE report.

It´s been a while since the show actually took place, but there´s been so much going on – and actually I also just got the report done pretty late. Somehow there was also something in te way, even if it was just my mood 😉

Let´s be honest – I was totally not in the mood for this concert, and also not attending as press. The days before I was always so close to cancel it, also because I just felt exhausted and didn´t want even more stress on my weekend. But having been too lazy, I had to attend.

So i decided that, because doors open was at 7pm, to start walking to the venue here at 7pm – just to arrive five minutes later and wait for 45minutes in the cold because of “technical problems” (which pretty much could be anything from “we didn´t eat yet” to “our sound system has died”) because the insides was already totally crammed with people. No, it´s not been so terribly many, but space is limited. And my mood was terribly limited aswell, and it dropped lower and lower with every minute ouside at 10°C only wearing a shirt and a hoodie.

I was totally not amused even though I had nice chats – I was pretty annoyed to be fully honest, and the fact there was never a proper excuse didn´t make it any better. I was freezing up until the support band WALKING ON RIVERS was on stage. The light kinda sucked, at least for my taste, but I gave my best. The music was unique, but man I fell in love with those vocals! Amazing! Overall a nice show, but there is room for improvement as there always is for unexperienced bands. But the music is a good basis, because I really enjoyed it.

I was also really surprised that there was a photopit, but no security at all, nor anyone giving me rules to only photograph three first songs – neither for WALKING ON RIVERS, nor for ANTIHELD then later on, which gave me a relaxed mindset. Just what I needed after really being close to ditching concert photography as a whole.

I really enjoyed the ANTIHELD show, it was a great and so fun time – funnily enough I also enjoyed songs a lot that I didn´t like at all when they played with Versengold last year. So weird. But it was just the right vibe to clear my mind from all the sports and sports stress and have I mentioned sports?

So after all I was really happy that I did attend, because I would´ve missed out on a great evening that once again made one thing clear to me: sports is not everything in life. I´ve forgotten to relax, to enjoy something else because discipline literally killed every other activity during the season. And now it´s time to also enjoy these things again, to take the focus off the training and just live, travel for concerts, relax, be lazy, get rid off all the pressure I´ve been building up…





Official Report (German only)


Half-Marathon Training Week 5

Before the race in Bremen

It was already week 5 but felt like I am just getting started on one hand, and on the other my body clearly shows that this is nothing anyone should be doing when you don´t know your body extremely well, have trained and run a half-marathon before and also not if you aren´t generally sporty. And even when you know your body, it might be just not too smart either.

I am starting to battle signs that my body is sending me due to the extensive training and fast increase of distances that I am running. My physiotherapist at the same time is fighting a lot against all the stiff muscles, blockades in my lower back and what feels like a ton of other problems on top (I feel sorry for him, really).

I started off the week on Tuesday with my swim course, which was really tough on me after one and a half week without swimming and the fact that my swim coach really started pushing me, there´s been a zillion of things to have in mind and it was not only physically but also mentally exhausting. I wish I had the power that I would need to give a 100%, but I somehow cannot find this power and will right now.

Run 1 or rather “the first try of a run” failed miserably with massive shinsplits on my right leg so I immediately ended the run, and did some stretching instead to each my backpain and do at least something for my body. Then in the evening/night so massive migraine that I had to call the emrgency doctor to help me out because even my body even didn´t respond to heavy painkillers anymore.

I decided to not do any run anymore before my race in Bremen, simply because resting is more important and then I will see how it goes. If it won´t work it´ll be my first ever DNF, if it works, I will be happy – but I am not putting pressure on me, because I am still feeling the aftermath of my migraine.

My swim session 2 on Friday was a challenge against me and the whole world it seemed. A zillion things I got wrong, thn it worked for a few armstrokes, and then not anymore. The fact that I was in a group with three quite advanced swimmers that had no problems with the tasks also got me quite frustrated on top. I felt like crying, screaming or just drowning at some point. I was dead exhausted in the end, and looking back at it: things did improve, but it was a high price I paid.

On Sunday it was this week the 10km race in Bremen, and not just a training run. I had planned to go all in and see how my shape is, but in the end I saw it rather as a heavier training run to not overtax my body. I wanted to have as much fun as possible, and after just 4h of sleep it went amazingly well and felt just great. Resting was just the right decision no doubts! My heartrate told a different story, and I was exhausted as hell, but also really happy!

Baking: Cocoa Zebra Cake

I rarely do baking, becaus eit´s not my cup of tea to stick to the information in the recipes – I am more of a freestyle cooking person rather than a baking lover, but at times I do bake. As usual, for birthdays 😉

This time this cake was a wish (yes, I gave the person only choice from recipes that come from Knusperstübchen), and I was actually really happy about the choice because when reading it seemed quite easy 🙂

Working in a foreign kitchen made me work extra neat, simply because I didn´t want it to look like a total mess, even though this recipe actually makes it easy to lean the kitchen whilst baking and preparing already.

I was a bit upset that some ingredient had disappeared in the actual instructions, but if you know the ingredients and then see it´s not there you simply just add it still – didn´t do any harm to the cake in the aftermath, but it really was annoying in that moment because I had split the “dough” into normal and cocoa already and the one with the baking cocoa was in a small bowl and then adding something still was a challenge.

The thing that actually eats most of the time is the filling the dough into the baking shape  so that it gives this amazing pattern in the end. It´s easy, but takes time, and for someone who is as impatient as me it was a bit of a hassle. Turned out well in the end though as you can see on the photos, and smelled and tasted even better!

You can enjoy the cake when it´s freshly out of the oven, but also when it has cooled down it tastes amazing – but to me it tasted best on the day after having baked it when it´s been set in the refridgerator over night. That was actually my fave taste then.

Overall another easy but so tasty recipe and cake – it won´t be the last time baking a recipe from her!

Original recipe

Her Instagram-Account

Foreign lands…Bavaria – Part 2 (27.-30.09.2019)


27.09. Ammer. Ammersee. Everything’s “ammer”

As you already have read in the flashback on my half marathon training , my run to and alongside the Ammer (River) didn’t exactly go well and so I felt rather grumpy when I returned. It was really smashing hopes and motivation bits that were still left. All I was able to do was grab a quick shower and a little food because we went again to Diessen for a boat ride on the Ammersee since the weather today was so much better than yesterday!

The boat ride was lovely, crossing the Ammersee with a little stop and enjoying the sunshine and the sound of the lake’s waves…always a combination that make me happy and able to turn off the mind and daydream! It really was so necessary to recharge my batteries after the run, and as I have a sauna here, I hopped into thee in the evening again to give my full body a treatment after a day of back a he, leg ache and generally feeling as if I needed a break.

28.09. Füssen and Food

I woke up with tired and painful legs and knew that this was the death sentence of all planned runs, no matter long short, that I still had been thinking about for this week. But sometimes you just gotta listen to your body and so I decided on not going for a birthday run tomorrow.

Today we, after breakfast and some relaxing, went to Füssen and stopped by the Lechfall – impressive to look down on it, and it didn’t exactly make me feel well but I gave it a try to take some snapshots at least. Totally loved the color of the river, this turquoise is just what I love best for water of any kind (like, natural and not the one I am currently drinking ^^). We then went for a little walk and had some ice cream, and enjoyed the sunshine that happened to appear today – you never know when you will see it again 😉

I was also surprised how close Schloss Neuschwanstein actually was, I had no idea where it actually was located – and how visible it was also from afar. Looks like Disney had put a castle somewhere in the middle of the mountain just like that and just like for one of their movies.

But we didn’t go there, instead we went there for dinner in Schwangau in a small

restaurant. It was great because the view out of the windows of the the winter garden was just lovely  – but the food was beating that without problems. I had a potato soup with Mushrooms as a starter and that me, the one who isn’t into soups. But man it tasted amazing! And it continued like this with amazing meat, red cabbage and dumpling. So so good, and knowing the meat was coming from the area here just made it even better from the feeling.

But to be fair, being a total dessert junkie, the dessert plate just beat it all. it was a mix of Mango-Maracuja Sorbet, chocolate cake, pannacotta creme, Red currant cake, cheese cake with apricot and, what did not make me happy, strawberry limes (sorry but did they ever consider that there is people that for some reason do not want alcohol in their food? What about just a warning ahead of serving or maybe even asking if it was fine because the stuff of this dessert is varying?!). But really, I felt like you had to roll me out of the restaurant, I felt like I was pregnant in the 9th month with food xD

At home then we still waited for midnight to clink glasses for my birthday – and then went to bed, because I was just so tired and exhausted. I am too old for such shit now with 30 years of age 😉

29.09. 30 is just 29+1

I woke up being…tired. I mean, no surprise, I was 30 all of a sudden 😉 No, I am just kidding, I woke up feeling good and when I opened the window blinds I saw…sunshine! It was amazing, good weather is the best precondition for a good birtday!

I had a breakfast with a view onto the mountains and then tried a little run because the weather was just so inviting. Well, I failed miserably, and decided at some point to just walk back and suck up the sunshine instead of run. Legs and everything hurt, and I was a bit upset but I decided to not have it ruin my mood.

My aunt then came by and we all had lovely cake from my stepdad (philadelphia cake for the win!), good chats, me getting my presents and because the calories from the greta tasting cake had to be burned and the weather was still so fab, we went for a little walk to the lake close by. I was surprised that the water was still rather warm, or my feet and legs don´t have any feelings for warmth/cold left anymore 😉

Time was running, it was crazy – when we were back, my aunt left on her car ride home and my stepdad and my mum were watching soccer and watched our club lose. It sucked that tehy had to lose, a victory would have just made the day even better ^^ but no can do. After some light dinner because I was still full from the cake (can I have a separate stomach for cake please?) I hopped into sauna a last time – my legs and whole body really needed the warmth. I haven´t had so sore and painful legs for ages…

And then I dropped into bed dead tired – because packing went quick, most of the stuff was already packed from the day before. No stress the evening before travels!

30.09. W like Wilhelmshaven

The train ride back home did not get boring. In the morning I was really relieved when I didn´t see any schedule changes for my trains even though the storm had been going round Germany during the nighttime and still was really strong in Bavaria in the early morning hours. The local train to Weilheim was on time, so was the next local train to Munich was too – and there I got the notification that my ICE train was only going to Fulda, and not to Hannover.

I panicked, and when in Munich ran to the customer center of Deutsche Bahn. And there I was told t was running as normal, so hurried to the train, sat down and looked at the screen: it was only going to Fulda? really? What now? The train attendant also couldn´t help as he didn´t know either, as he had the same information as most of us: it was running, but maybe also not. So we waited a while until we got the reliving news that everything was going as planned. And I was really surprised – something going well with Deutsche Bahn despite weather issues, dannot be true!

But it continued liked this, and I was home on time, yet nerve-wrecked because of many crying children in the first class and ignorant poeple that don´t understand the sense of a silence waggon (just for f´s sake go and use your phone on the hallway, like I did!) – but it´s just the normal issues that make you hate humans even more.

In the evening I then still unpacked, cooked, faught with my Amazon Echo that didn´t want to connect with my Wifi and then fell into bed dead tired.

Foreign lands…Bavaria – Part 1 (23.-26.09.2019)

I was just kidding a bit with the headline of this entry, but it really feels like this at times when the dialect here is so heavy you understand pretty much nothing – but good company and nature makes up for it again 😉

I´ve split this whole entry into two parts, so it´s not too much to read at once 😉

23.09. 11hours through Germany

As everyone knows, I totally love traveling by train, especially the fact that it´s always on time and people are so social and making sure that everyone around is also just feeling fine. Noone would ever think about the trains being late, the people being rude and noisy in the silence waggon or…okay, enough of my terrible sarcasm, but that´s how I actually think when knowing I have a train ride ahead that´s longer than an hour or two.

Today I started an hour earlier to make sure I won´t be missing my connecting train in Oldenburg, because you never know what happens. So I dragged my super heavy suitcase (am I traveling for a year or a damned week, actually?) through they grey weather of Wilhelmshaven and hopped onto the train, just to be super annoyed by the noisy people on there. But what else to expect, really?

When it comes to noisy poeple, my trainride was mostly just what I had expected: annoying poeple and noise where there was not no noise supposed to be. Being in first class at least made my butt hurt later than usual, but sitting for so long times with just little breaks in between is nothing for my butt, nor for the rest of my body that was by the minute aching more and more.

But, surprise: I was on time! At least Deutsche Bahn was on time, let´s put it this way. Because up until Augsburg everything was fine, and then the Bavarian railroad company took over and fucked it up and made me enjoy an extra of 30 minutes on the train through rainy areas of Southern Germany. What a joy! I mean, who´d want to arrive, relax, change clothes, take a hot shower and just feel reborn afterwards? I´d rather just sit in a damned train in which you did not get any information on how long it was actually gonna take.

Anyways, I made it and that´s what counts – but was dead tired and in desperate need of caffeine to survive the rest of the day as it had just been 7pm (and felt like 11pm to be fair).

24.09. Baking baking cake cake zebra?

My time here actually started with baking a cake – I really did get up, grabbed some breakfast early and then started baking the cake for my mum. The blog on the cake baking is still to follow, stay tuned for it! It went rather well, and for once I even managed to keep the kitchen clean and already clean and tidy up whilst baking, which never worked before – maybe not working in the own kitchen makes you more motivated to do so 😉

I was really worried the cake might not turn out well, but it turned out just amazingly tasty and what a goodlooking motherfucker it was! God damn, I really need to bake it again, so good – especially because it still tasted great the day after, too! No light cake for summer maybe, but for spring, autumn and winter just perfect.

In the afternoon and after having inserted many calories (aka much cake) into our tummies, we went to Munich to do the “Clueless in Munich” rally that I alrwady wrote about **HERE** – luckily the weather was kind with us, it could´ve looked and ended really differently. Even though then I probably would´ve not been bitten my a damned mosquito. Those annoying animals just love me, no idea why.

When we got back home, we were just tired from strolling around in Munich – I really tried to do some blogging, but ended up falling halfway asleep again and again and then just gave up – my body told me to just leave that for later.

25.09. Running through the green

Somehow, I am not sleeping well here right now – I have no idea why, the past two times everything was just fine but this time I keep waking up early and feel like going back to napping just after having had breakfast.

But today I had to kick ass, as clear as that – my training plan told me to go out and run, and do that for 15km. I was looking for a route but in the end just ditched the plan and took another one which was a more beautiful one – totally the right choice. I really struggled with the unstable ground, and with the little hills up and down it felt like so much more than just 15km. I was really wrecked but relieved the, at the start rainy, weather had turned out so great and sunny. It was so mind relaxing, not seeing poeple whilst running and just enjoying nature.

The rest of the day, not much happened anymore – some necessary grocery shopping and a shared lovely dinner and cooking, and then just sauna, sauna, sauna and relaxing and licking wounds – my feet and legs were just totally destroyed, probably even more than after my first half-marathon.

26.09. Rain and darkness

I started sleeping a bit better, though I kept on having the same dream again last night as I had every night since I came here – no nightmare, just makes me wonder why I keep dreaming it over and over again.

Nevertheless I had a lazy start into the day and doubtful looks out of the window as we had planned to go to Ammersee and do a boat ride there but with all the clouds and the not so positive weather forecast…

But before all that, I decided to take a nap – I have vacations, so why not? Come on! And in just 3 days I am turning 30, so one more thing that allows me to do so!

Already on the car ride to Ammersee later on we discussed what we should do if it wasn´t clearing up and was remaining all rainy…and when we were taking a little walk in the fog and grey weather we decided to leave it like this and just give it another try the next day.

So it´s been an unplanned relaxed day, with the fire place being lit in the evening and me falling halfway asleep in front of it…

Half-Marathon Training Week 4

Being on vacation is no excuse, at least it isn’t when you have a certain goal to reach and time is running through your fingers like sand. But as I had no swimming hall close by, I had to neglect the swimming (yes, I did feel bad about it, really) and all I did was running and stretching.

Run 1 (15.3km) was the first one ever here in Hohenpeißenberg and surroundings – and it was an experience.  I am not used to any altitude at all, when here I have plenty, same goes for little girls and up and down and up and down. And since that wouldn’t have been enough,  I had to fight the changing weather conditions and spent most of my run undressing and getting dressed again (jacket and beany and such) to avoid sweating and/or freeze.

Besides that, my legs really struggled with the route and my heart rate was going nuts too – maybe not the smartest thing to do the longest run right at the start of the week. But now it’s done and I just have two shorter runs coming up, which makes me feel good whilst my legs are all whining and crying about the unstable grounds today.

Run 2 (9.3km) was everything but not what I had hoped for or expected – it was pretty much terribly and off the radar in regards of what my training plan actually said. Because it would have either needed to be 11 or 13km, but both were just too much.

I had a steep running part down to the Ajmer where I then was already all exhausted, legs hurt and my lower back was having a slight blockade too. But I tried to keep going, but all the little hills that were on the way just killed me so that after this distance I called it a day and walked back the 4.5km uphill again, which was maybe even more terrible than the whole run itself. Luckily I was being picked up by my stepdad and didn´t have to do the last 1,5km anymore, because I would´ve not been able to do so.

Run 3 did not really happen because my very last try failed badly with 2,5km and then I was done. I just couldn´t do it, my legs and my lung were just done with everything, breathing was tough, the legs hurt and it was the moment where I knew it had been too much with the altitude and the steep hills and everything. Shit happens, cannot wai for flat running routes back home xD

After all days I did my stretching, and also in between, because I felt how tense and stiff my muscles were with every damned step I did. I had pain here and there and just couldn´t really get rid off it, no matter how hard I tried – it was frustrating to say the least.

Happy 1st anniversary!

…to my car! Yes, I am odd like this and dedicate this blog entry to my car 😉

It’s not only the day today where I am turning 30, but it’s also the first year with a car because exactly on this day last year I signed the buying contract for my little lovely green car. And whilst it felt surreal back then, I nowadays cannot imagine a life without it anymore to be honest. I have become lazy and addicted to the convenience that having a car offers.

But, it’s like a child – it eats too much and costs, it’s sick or broken and needs a fix and you also gotta clean it – it’s more expensive than I had expected to be honest, especially the monthly costs with my commuting to work and back and to my swim training, driving to races and concerts…it all adds up and makes you go all broke if you don’t do the maths. But no matter what, I wouldn’t trade it in for anything anymore – that flexibility of packing s much stuff as you want, of starting your drive whenever you want, of taking breaks when and where you want and for who long you want…and the best thing for me: there is only people with you in the car if you want to, so even being stuck in traffic is so much better than being stuck with strangers in a crammed train.

Yes, my passion for driving has decreased – no surprise, it’s 80km every day and that kinda wears you down, but mind you, I still enjoy driving but rather longer car rides are my thing, not the short stuff inside of cities and such. I like to speed up with good music on and not many other cars, so nighttime is my time for good rides (if it wasn’t after concerts and festivals that I was always so tired already).

Anyways, on to many many many more years of happy cooperation, of you nameless thing bringing me to many triathlon and running races, to many concerts and festivals and happy times!

p.s. maybe you will get something later this year…so you don’t have to swallow that bitter pill (aka my bike) all the time but let’s see 😉 but no worries, when I am back home you will get a premium wash as a birthday present for sure ❤

Clueless in Munich

No, this is not the title of a new thriller or comedy and also doesn’t exactly describe the day I’ve spent with my mum and stepdad in Munich. There is a game called like this (originally in German, “Planlos in München”) where it’s like you’re getting riddles and hints and need to follow those through a certain part of the city.

We’ve been on a hunt to solve the mysterious disappearance of a painting (which, after we googled it, really does count as disappeared as no-one knows where it actually is) – you get the hints via SMS, and via following the partially really oddly formulated instructions on where to go, you also have riddles that you need to solve in order to get the next hint that leads you to the next place and riddle.

Even though it’s been marked as challenging, most of the questions have been quite easy and fun- yet two really were some that were a struggle. One of those you might have been able to maybe guess, but the other one you had no clue. If anyone solves this one without needing an extra hint of getting a wrong try, then this person is the master of the universe or works for the people that have created these little tours.

What I really enjoyed was that in the middle of those riddles they also settled a break time for you to relax and grab some drink and food at a restaurant where you also got the next riddle. But at least it’s been a lovely restaurant with typical and tasty Bavarian food, so it’s been a good choice and clearly a nice place where to rest. Luckily the restaurant has been rather empty because probably was at the Oktoberfest area rather than in restaurants 😉

So overall we took longer than thy insisted that it would take, but we also took it really easy and didn’t rush because we wanted to enjoy, walk slow and just have fun. And we did have a lot of fun!

What’s also a big PRO – you can do it whenever you want. The weather is bad today? Then do it tomorrow! So you basically do not book it for a certain day in advance or a certain time, you just start it when you are ready!

If you are curious now, check their homepage – it’s not available everywhere yet and just in German so far, but in the main cities you can already do these walks – and I totally recommend it and surely would do it again: