19.10.2012 Copenhagen, Halestorm & Heaven´s Basement – one hell of a trip (Nur Englisch, Deutsch Version kommt später)

It started at 9am when I got up, feeling tired and already worn out, therefore: not a good start into the day. Was packing, preparing some food and drink for the drive and stuffing all the things into the car, including a blanket and a pillow. Once it was packed, the first stop was the gas station to actually fill up the car – and then money was gone. Awful. It was really the first thing that ruined my mood, because I just realized how expensive this trip was going to be.

So the trip began, and I was trying to stay positive, though during the coming hours, the weather became worse and worse and therefore also my mood got lower and lower, since drivijg in the rain surely is not much fun. Making it worse, the car started bitching again, nothing really new but when you´re having quite a distance ahead, it surely makes you worried and makes the blood pressure ride whenever there is a noise that might not be a 100% okay. I was really driving myself crazy at times, tried to stay calm but everyone who knows me, knows that this was not really the case. Me and staying calm, no, doesn´t work.

Next piss-off moment was paying for this goddamned bridge before Copenhagen, like 31 Euros or so for one-way, it was a stunning bridge but that price surely was a tad too much. At least for my taste. Once I crossed it, I still had a while to drive, and once I actually was in Copenhagen I struggled with finding a parking space since I had not the slightest clue where I was allowed to park and where not – not even mentioning my struggle with the parking ticket machine. I was feeling totally lost and like an idiot, surely not a feeling I wanted to have just before my interview at 6PM.

It´s been an interview with Lzzy from Halestorm, and the first interview for me for ages – I was terribly nervous, insecure but it felt way better than I had expected, I felt more and more safe and this really calmed me down I have to say. After the interview I was standing outside a while and then got myself a burger before entry started when I joined some fans again whom I had already met beforehand.  Waiting again, inside the venue and finding out that it was a smart thing to get to the front since there was no photopit. Later on I also realized there was no neutral light coming from the front, only lights from the back in red, blue and green and some LED lights from the sides. I was annoyed, again. But this feeling disappeared once Heaven´s Basement started playing, since I had really looked forward to seeing them again – especially when they again played “nothing left to lose” I was just happy, fell in love with that song already in Hamburg and couldn´t get enough of it because it´s just so beautiful. I really enjoyed the gig and as you might´ve seen, there I also was able to take a few nice pictures.

Then it was waiting time again till Halestorm entered the stage and my complete happiness was starting. I really loved the setlist, especially the fact that they played “Private parts” and “Daughters of Darkness”, two songs I really love so much and always wanted to hear at a gig. The show rocked, I was sucking up everything, the atmosphere, the feeling – one of those times where I was able to just forget the world around me fully, no doubts, no dark thoughts. “Break in” really made me cry this time, I couldn´t hold it back anymore, even though some random and really annoying fan was singing along way too loud and way too off-key. I just ignored it, felt how tears were running down my face but I didn´t fight against it anymore, why should I. Nothing bad about showing emotions. I was fully sweated after the show, it got really hot in there since it was packed and the air condition was either not working properly or simply was not existent – I don´t know. I was just happy for whatever non-alcoholic I was able to get to just refresh myself.

After that, I was waiting for quite a while to have the band coming out, ended up having a really adorable time with people from Heaven´s Basement (in case you´re reading this – thumbs up, loved it, hopefully soon again!) so the time was passing by quite fast. And then it was already after 2am at night once I had said goodbye to the Halestorm guys and girl and to who was still there and I have had contact with. Walking back to the car alone in darkness was quite crushing me, reality came down on me again. Another good time was over, and tiredness started to fill my head.

I managed to drive till after the bridge and then, straight after it, left the highway and had a nap at the parking lot. You know what´s good about being not tall? You can easily sleep curled up with pillow and blanket on the backseats of an Opel Corsa 😉 And this is exactly what I did, I immediately fell asleep and could´ve slept for ages longer but I just had to continue the drive home at some point. It was really exhausting, all dark, noone driving, always at the same speed – and then you go straight for like 150km. I was permanently listening to music though I had a slight headache at times, just to ensure I was staying full awake by singing along (and killing the last bits of my voice) and keeping my head busy.

After many little breaks, countless energy drinks and coca cola bottle later, I finally arrived in Dörpstedt at around 8:20am – and just shoved all stuff into the house, told everyone I was back home and everything went smooth and then dropped into bed just to wake up 3.5 hours later again due to the high amount of caffeine that was obviously still in my blood.

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