Nördlingen (29.11.2012 – 02.12.2012) – ENGLISH ONLY (Nur Englisch, deutsche Version kommt noch)

Let´s start it that way – going to Nördlingen and the back to Dörpstedt again cost me nearly a whole day. I know, it sounds like I´d be exaggerating, but 9h on the train plus half an hour to get to the trainstation on 29th, and when going back (thanks to nearly a handful of delays), I had like 12 hours or something to survive. No, it clearly wasn´t pleasant, especially the really stressful and annoying way back, though I have to say that for a change the staff of the DB left a good impression on me – willing to help, polite and there when you need them. Miracles happen, as you can see.

When going to Nördlingen, I can still remember the shock of waking up and seeing that the ground and everything outside was covered with snow. I really wondered if I started having halluzinations from not enough food or liquids, but it was real. The time on the train was nerve wrecking since people usually really don´t get the sense of the part of the train where the signs say to be quiet. But with earphones and good music I managed to sleep, which wasn´t the case on the way back due to all the stress and newly planned routes and possibilities – sinstead I continued reading once everyone had shut up around me, which took quite a while to say the least.

The time in Nördlingen itself was lovely somehow, it felt like being in a real town and I was stunned what possibilities you have there – things I, earlier on, always laughed about now became some sort of precious things that I was getting all excited about. Things change, as you can see. My hotel room was lovely, though the shower sucked quite badly – hardly any water, and warm water was the most rare thing ever. But there is always solutions, this time, too. But besides this, and having gotten rid of the pillow with feathers that caused asthmatic problems, I was happy. A cozy bed, nice breakfast. Fine.

The wedding itself and everything that came with it was really nice, it was interesting to finally meet some of my relatives again who I hadn´t seen for 10 years or longer…but also so weird, so many impressions and woah. I didn´t expect it but it really took me a while to let it all sink in, this is one of the reasons why I am just writing this now and haven´t done it earlier already. But anyways, it was  agreat time, with also a lot of eating (oh man, it´s not even Christmas yet and I already need to think about how to get rid of the pounds now…).

Also, I did a bit of sightseeing, not really much but a tiny little bit – and was going to the cemetary to go and see my grandpa´s and grandma´s grave. It was time for me to be able to say goodbye and “sorry” to my grandma, when she had died I was in Finland and couldn´t go to the funeral which I still regret. Everything had always been more important, and I really regret it to the core, tears were shed but it felt good to be able to at least close this chapter a bit more. And on the parking lot, after that, I amanged to forget that one of my fingers was still outside when closing the car door. The result, a badly squeezed and bruised finger, not broken, but it´s been a close call as the doctor said in hospital where I went to in the early evening hours since the pain hadn´t gotten better and I had no feeling and no power at all in the finger, which kinda worried me.

Hm, I wonder if I have forgotten to tell anything – I don´t think so, but if something comes to my mind, I will add it 😉

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