Poem/Gedicht: Burning Tear ( 05.08.2007)

I just found this old self-written poem in one of the folders that I had tidied up and thought it might be worth sharing… // Ich habe dieses alte selbst-geschriebene Gedicht in einer der Ordner gefunden, die ich aufgeräumt hatte und dachte mir, dass es sich lohnen würde, es mit euch zu teilen…

burning tear
i feel the fire
in my heart
slowly rising and growing
taking my breath
whispering into my ears
“welcome to death”
it is a relief from my fears
fears, taking over my life
cutting my venes like a knife

burning tear
destroying my eyes
ending my light
taking my sight
showing me how tight
life and death are combined
impossible to find
a way to escape

burning tear
making it seem so clear
what went wrong
what i´ve done
how I wasted time
threw my soul away
without wanting to say
a thing

burning tear
how i enjoyed this touch
touch of his hands
holding up my chin
touching my skin
making me forget about
what you consider a sin
my heart is lit

burning tear
past is past
nothing´s left to last

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