Follow your heart (08.02.2013) [NUR ENGLISCH. Deutsch kommt noch]



I woke up in the morning and wondered if it was the right decision to go to Luxembourg, because whatever I touched it seemingly went wrong. Maybe I was afraid that I´d be disappointed in the end, though deep inside I knew I wouldn´t be disappointed. I didn´t regret the decision to be going there on that day, nor that I booked everything to go to Brussels on 12th February.

So yeah, I started the trip and first drove to the centre of Luxembourg because I had arranged that my friend would there hand me over her little digital camera so that I had a camera at least to take along with me. The drive on the highway was rather nice, the weather was still rather okay even though some people really annoyed me with their “oh my god there are snowflakes on the ground I need to use the left lane with 70kmh”-attitude at times. The ride went well, though in the city itself it started pissing me off since they changed some lanes and everything felt a bit messy, not mentioning that people there drives like maniacs, totally crazy. So I shortly met with my friend and then finished my trip with the 20min drive to the venue. Parked the car in the rather empty parking house and then went to the entrance, where 4 other Germans were the only ones already waiting at around 14:40 when I had arrived. Waiting was a fun time, lovely people, good mood – and a funny James Borges from The Voice of Germany who chatted with us and everything when he had to go outside for having a smoke. The time seemed to last forever though during the last 1.5h outside, especially because the wind made everything seem even colder. The time when they opened the doors pissed me off. It really wasn´t fair how stuff was going on there, I will not go into detail but I was really angry. If I wouldn´t have ended in the front row pretty much in the middle nevertheless, I´d have freaked out. Because I do NOT see a reason why people who come just an hour before doors got opened would stand in front of me. But everything was fine, more or less. I could rant about some people´s behaviour, but those people aren´t worth it that I spend time and effort on them.

First it´s been time for Ryan Sheridan again and I already enjoyed them last week, but this time I fully lost my heart to them, it was simply amazing. And the audience was so much more responsive than in Oberhausen, I think they enjoyed the band´s music and the band enjoyed the really good response from the audience. Then afterwards James Borges was playing in the back of the venue, opposite to the big main stage, and I really liked his voice, though he gotta be careful to not kill it with smoking too much.

And then it was time to Rea Garvey, it started and I was totally mindblown again, there was magic again. It was a different magic than in Oberhausen, but this magic now wasn´t any less intense. It was different but just as good. I was like in heaven, and time passed by way too fast. Time was rushing by, creepy. After the end of the show, my voice was gone, throat hurting, I was drenched in sweat and totally done. Still I managed to get a photo with Ryan Sheridan who were hanging out in the lounge of the venue, and afterwards grabbed the car, paid for the parking house and then waited close to the backstage entrance, as near as possible which was too far away since there was a fence all around…and the waiting was for nothing unfortunately, but I don´t regret it and after initial frustration wasn´t angry, because his music is my bog love and that´s all that counts in the end.

The drive back home was awful. The roads were partially in a really bad condition, icy and full of snow, you were unable to see where your lane was, nor were you able to actually see anything at times thanks to snow-storm like times. It was really exhausting and I will not say anything more but just that I wrote “God bless, i got home in one piece. totally done with my nerves.” on Facebook – it tells everything.

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