Flashback: 08.-10.03.2013 Lahti (NUR ENGLISCH. Deutsche Version kommt noch)


Lahti madness, baby.

Why madness? Well, Lahti usually has some kind form of madness within, though it is hard to put into words to say the least.

At early lunchtime, I went to the airport again to meet up with my other crazy half, aka my friend with whom I spent the coming days. The drive to Lahti was…interesting. We saw a car crash and three more broke down cars and were pretty happy that none of those was us, it really was lowering the mood. But the closer we got to Lahti, the better the mood became – until I had to find the place where to get my accreditation from. It took us ages and I was really annoyed because it was hard to find, but once I found it, I was really happy. Then we went back to the hotel to drop of our stuff at the hotel before going back to the hill. Said and done, it was windy and cold but I liked it. Though I gotta admit that I felt really insecure about working as a photographer there for the first time, I am always putting too much pressure on myself with my high expectations. It went rather well, but still. Anyways, we went to do some food shopping afterwards, since food was clearly needed. Standing outside in the cold for so long really makes you hungry, it´s unbelievable HOW hungry it actually makes. Instead of staying up long, we went to bed rather early because we felt so tired and worn out, TV and food really made me tired and lazy…

Day number 2, and the longest day with Nordic Combined AND the ski jumping competition. Photographing the cross-country competition of Nordic Combined was quite boring, every photo seemed to look the same and it was just nothing exciting for me, I preferred the ski jumping competition of the Nordic Combined and of course the “normal” ski jumping even though I am not much into team competitions, but this one was nice to watch I have to say. I was starting to more and more walk up the stairs next to the hill, little by little trying what I could do and how the photos would then look like. Also, I partially just got fed up with the many people in the photo area next to the mixed zone because latest during the competition always too many people were there, so crowded that taking a photo felt like being in a moshpit…I know, and I do exaggerate a bit but it really annoyed me in some moments. Before the prize giving ceremony I slipped and nearly fell, at first I thought everything was fine but later on I realized the growing pain in my left upper leg…hello pulled muscle *sighs* Why am I always SO clumsy?
The press-conference (yay for the next “first” time) was awkward, hardly any journalists and then noone had questions when it was time to ask…it felt like at school when being asked who could answer a certain question *shudders*. The fireworks were also great, I enjoyed it though standing there in the dark with this rather melancholic music and the fireworks just brought me down and too many thoughts back to my mind…

The last day in Lahti. So weird how fast time passed by, the waiting for this weekend took ages and then it was there and fastly over. It was again a really nice time at the hill and I mostly felt comfortable with photographing, walking up all the stairs next to the hill was really a tough job thanks to the really cold air and my asthmatic problems. I needed ages until I was at the position where I wanted to photograph from, but it was totally worth it as the photos might show. I more and more developed an idea of how the photos should look when it comes to my ideas, and I got closer and closer to these ideas. I didn´t really match them, but I got really close. The press conference was quite entertaining, though I was again surprised how few people actually attended…

Anyways, I was happy with the outcomes of it, and that though my upper left leg was hurting terribly due to my pulled muscle and my fingers were hurting much from the cold and photographing. I really felt like I had been going to the limit, knowing I still had Kuopio ahead. Honestly, I gotta say I wished I would have not been going to Kuopio on that day, my motivation and will was low, I was struggling with mind and body. Also, it made me sad that the time together with my friend was more or less over again, the madness was over. Again. It was such a lovely and funny time, a time to turn off my brain fully and just leave the reality from home far away, not bothering for a while.

When it comes to the results, well, I am not a 100% happy about them, but it could´ve been worse, as it always could´ve been. Surely some people might think differently about it, but I am right now too lazy to discuss the results in detail when it comes to what I was happy about and what I disliked.

Lahti will somehow always be a special competition, it started last year and continued this year. Who knows what 2014 is having for us 😉

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