Hello Copenhagen, let´s rock again (25.03.2013 – 27.03.2013) [NUR ENGLISCH. Deutsche Version kommt noch!]


It was an awesome day, to tell this right at the start – in the morning I was still wishing to cancel it all and stay at home, but now I know I´d have really regretted it. At Düsseldorf airport I had the pleasure to meet a friend again – the metal detector, and this detector is a perverted one, always making me undress. No idea where it thinks that I´d have metal on my body, but I simply don´t.

My friend picked me up from Copenhagen airport and we went straight to the centre of the city, checking out the venue and then going to get some food. I wasn´t hungry, but I forced myself to eat at least bit, it´s always like this before interviews. Changing my clothes in the bathroom at the cinema close by was quite entertaining for myself, because of the tiny cabin and everything…but it´s the things one gotta do for looking good.

Then we returned to the venue and sat around there, trying to suck up a few sunbeams that were to be caught, whilst two of the band people came around and had a quick chat with us. The time for the interview came closer and closer, my nervousity started killing me, also because I didn´t know who´d be doing the interview. In the end it´s been with drummer Arejay, and my friend and I had a really fun time during the interview – I will post the link when it is online. I loved every second of it, was so entertaining. Also, it was really cool that I got a photopass, not knowing at that point that there was no photopit anyways.

This I realized when going up into the venue, luckily we were first ones in line so I also started running to get into front row, which worked out just nice. Last time I´d been standing in front of guitarist Joe on the left side of the stage, this time it´s been Josh´s side on the right. And I don´t regret that choice 😉 The gig was awesome though somehow the sound wasn´t the best, but who cares – I had an epic time, so much fun, so much singing along…my voice was gone and I was totally sweated afterwards. Looked so done hahaha.

Then I went to pick up my jacket and luggage and changed clothes – my boots left, put on extra socks and my winter boots, also started wearing another pullover and another pair of leggings, otherwise I´d have not survived the waiting in the cold…but the waiting was worth it, it has been so much fun with the band – we were just three fans, a Colombian girl, my friend and me. All laid back, all relaxxed, all totally funny…it´s been cool and a lovely way how to end the gig day.

Then we took the train to Roskilde and decided on walking the 4km to where my friend lived, because I wasn´t really keen on paying for a cab. It´s been a funny but really exhausting walk. But that was good, becasue of the fresh air, the stars and the full moon – it kinda gave me time to calm down and then be prepared to fall asleep faster, but the latter thing just didn´t want to work at all.

Waking up was torture. My throat was extremely sore, my voice was gone, my neck hurts – well basically everything was just hurting. Getting up was a challenge, even though the shower I took really made me feel more alive – but still I wondered if I was a zombie or a human being. I think I´d go for zombie mode. For rather long. But it´s been the day of alternative sightseeing with a lot of walking, but I really enjoyed to finally get to see something of Copenhagen- but walking really killed my feet, I have to admit this.

In the late afternoon, we went to the cinema and watched the movie “Oz: The great and powerful” and I was surprised that it was way better than I had expected. I really enjoyed it, though I was even more tired afterwards. Then just had some pizza in Roskilde whilst waiting for the bus to my friend´s place and then ended up at her place – no partying, we had the rock´n´roll the day before, that had been enough – a nice and laid back end of the da was way better anyways!

It was time to say goodbye to Copenhagen and my friend again. Time had been passing by way too fast, I wished that I would´ve planned a longer stay, but well, I hadn´t. With a bag full of memories I was going to the airport and through the security checks – and booom, the metal detector went off AGAIN. Striptease time, baby. I know my heart beats for Metal (music), but I still haven´t had any metal on my body. I was laughing because it was just so hilarious…Maybe my new hobby, stripping at airport thanks to the metal detectors.

Anyways, when I was sitting at the gate and was waiting for my flight, I was the only one with an immense smile on my face there, fastly skimming through the photos on my camera just brought back so many amusing things to my mind…

During the flight I again slept, straight after having gone on board and having tightened the seatbelt. Going by plane has just become so boring. And the long tram ride afterwards was also really boring, but daydreaming saved me from dying of boredom. When I was home I was totally done and tired, but simply happy.

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2 Responses to Hello Copenhagen, let´s rock again (25.03.2013 – 27.03.2013) [NUR ENGLISCH. Deutsche Version kommt noch!]

  1. Ana says:

    “Striptease time, baby” LOL
    Seems like you had a great time! Can’t wait to read the interview

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