25.07.2013 – 28.07.2013 Ski jumping is back [NUR ENGLISCH]


I know it´s summer and I also know that many will again shake their heads, just as last year – but why not enjoy ski jumping when it is warm and you´re not freezing your ass off?
Right, maybe because then you end up sweating like an idiot and end up drenched in sweat and with burned skin and a headache from the overload of sun.

It all started on Thursday with a bike ride to the tram station, and a tram ride to Cologne central station. And from there on I was SUPPOSED to be going directly to Trier, and I believed in this to be happening until I read on the screens that the train isn´t going to Trier on this day, but stops earlier and thus I´d be informed about new connections on the train.
On this train I then got to know that I had to go by train to this final stop, then take a bus to another station and then continue my trip to Trier with another train. Madness, and my nerves were broken because noone knew how this all was going to work timewise. It sucked especially because I had my friend waiting for me in Trier. It was an adventure, driving by bus through little streets in the Eifel to get to the new train station…I was really happy once I was in my friend´s car, the madness and all the fun was now starting. We picked up one more friend and once we arrived in Titisee where we stayed, we were sweated. We didn´t stay at the hotel room for long, because we went to watch the star soccer match in Hinterzarten, just as last year. Compared to last year, so much fewer people were there, kinda sad to see…In the evening we just relaxed and went to walk a bit and sat down next to the lake, fully relaxing – finally.

It was hot. And it was time to go and check the bathing paradise in Titisee, just around 10 minutes away from the hotel – and since we got some card giving us cheap entries to such attractions, it was the perfect thing to enjoy for a couple of hours. And this is what we did, enjoying the water, and me enjoying a drink at the pool bar…It really felt like holidays. Then we got ready for going to the hill, watching the training round and qualification and man it´s been hot. No matter what you were wearing, you were still really sweating…but I enjoyed to finally see ski jumping live at the hill again, gotta admit I had missed it. But I was happy that for once I had decided to not even take my camera with me down there so I wouldn´t feel the temptation to photograph the stuff – this is something I am gonna be doing in winter again! In the later afternoon we went for dinner to our fave restaurant in Hinterzarten – yummie yummie! Then went back to our apartment in Titisee to get prepared for some partying at the hill – yup, it ended up being a pretty long night I have to say. But it was a fun time, together with friends and music 😀

Our morning swim time again – but this time also with sauna, was a good idea after last night, made me feel reborn again 😀
Actually, we had planned to watch the team competition – but realizing that the teams we were mostly interested in were not competing, we decided to drop it and instead went to Feldberg and went up the hill, enjoyed the view from there and the fact the air was so much cooler than at the hill. When being at the hill it felt like you were grilled, it was terrible. It was a good decision to drop it, I wouldn´t have made it through the day. Once again we went to eat at our fave restaurant in Hinterzarten and then got ready for going back to the hill party again. The weather was creepy though to be honest, you saw the lightning strike but didn´t hear the sound you always wait for…and then all of a sudden it started to rain and everyone was fleeing into that one bar tent *laughing* Nah, it was again a funny time with my friends…it was a time where I was able to turn off the brain.

Last day and the day of going back home after the men´s competition. For my taste the results weren´t too great, but I cannot change it – it was nice to watch nevertheless even though I felt like my head was exploding soon because of the heat, no matter how much I had been drinking. It felt weird to be leaving, and leaving this weekend behind. Just odd, as it always is after ski jumping trips. It´s like the return into the very own reality that hits you once you are on your way back. Not pleasant but necessary – once again I can just say THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT TIME to everyone involved in this. Loved it. The madness is gonna continue, that´s for sure 🙂

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