Let´s recapture (Nur Englisch, Deutsch in separatem Beitrag!): 23.10.2013 – 01.11.2013

Finally – a new written blog entry! I am so busy and then lazy that getting my ass to writing an entry is a near impossible thing for me.

Anyways, now I made it, and I will try to recapture what happened in the meantime…

Highlight of the day? Clearly the little stuffed mouse I got from my colleague – handmade! It is so adorable, I will be soon posting a photo of this little adorable thing that just made smile for the first time on that day.

The definition of a shit day. Spent my day at the employment bureau, being totally upset and annoyed when I left, just to totally screw up a skype job interview in the afternoon for an internship. It´s not bee that bad but I already felt back then that this was clearly not going to be working out, and I was right. In the evening I felt desperate and like digging myself up…

End of a very busy week at work, my brain was short time before exploding. I still had to finish collecting the interview questions for Ryan Sheridan, I simply didn´t find the time earlier on. And, being a lady, I had the problem of “what to wear” – I emptied my whole wardrobe to see what was working and what wasn´t. Oh my nerves…

What a day. The day of the Ryan Sheridan headline show in Cologne – and an again and again delayed interview with the singer. In the end it´s been an interesting day, with a really lovely interview that lasted much longer than I had ever planned on having it last and a show that had its touching moments. And the point where I nearly was kicked out of the venue because of arguing with one of the securities…yes, it was an up and down somehow. Crazy times.

I spent the day with editing photos and trying to relax a little, as well as I have been writing applications as I am doing each and every weekend because I cannot do it during the working week…a pretty uneventful day for once, which felt quite nice.

First lucid dreams, and then a really stormy day. It was really creepy what was flying through the air everywhere. And if that wouldn´t have been enough, I biked home and a tree branch crashed down on the back of my head – hello headache. Why do these things actually always happen to me? This has to be a really bad joke, my dear life…

My mood was hitting the bottom. Exhausted, mentally and physically. No matter how much I was sleeping during the nighttime, I felt as if I was tied to the bed when I had to get up in the morning. It really was no fun anymore, and the weather also didn´t make things better…At least I found out that I still have many vacation days left over so I can take them all before my internship will end soon…

Work work work and then relaxing. More or less – except the fact that I got a negative answer for one of the shows I had applied for a photo pass…but let´s not talk about this. Oh and I did my English course for Sochi as well as I put the finishing touch to teh concert report about Ryan Sheridan last Saturday…

Spent the day with fighting for a press and photo pass for Monday´s gig (what a shit thing to do), and then was so angry I ended up spending 3 hours at the gym and sauna – the outcome is that my mood was better but each and every muscle in my body is now hurting, but somehow I like this feeling! In the evening I had been writing applications and also did some volunteer training for Sochi…


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