Köln -> Trier -> Titisee-Neustadt: 12.12.2013 – 15.12.2013 (Nur Englisch, Deutsch kommt noch)

971412_10151904935690326_1486857269_nOn Thursday in the morning I rushed to the dentist to get something done, just to bike back quickly, grab my bag and bike to the tram station to catch the train at the mainstation.
I had decided on going to Trier already on Thursday, since there was no way to get there properly the next day in the really early morning hours. So I hopped on the train and had a rather relaxed time on there, just walking through the whole city to find my hotel in Trier was no big fun. The hotel itself had nice staff but generally was not really recommendable. I spent the time with walking around and spending time on the Christmas market, instead of going to the movies, it would´ve been simply too expensive.

960125_10151905037675326_2075500913_nOn Friday again really early in the morning hours I checked out of the hotel and was picked up by my friend to drive down to Titisee. We had to start that early because we wanted to see the qualification round of ski jumping there. The weather was really annoying, so foggy you were hardly seeing a thing, but it got better by time. The hotel in Titisee (or well, Neustadt to be exact) was lovely, cozy room, nice people, I was really relieved. We still had some time to unpack our things a bit and relax before going to the hill – or well, trying to find our way to the hill. Me, not having any sense of orientation, is no use for such things. We did a few extra metres walking into the wrong direction, but in the end found the hill. Nice hill, nice weather, nice mood, but really few people. Afterwards we went to have some food and then drove to Titisee to the Badeparadies, loving this bathing place with sauna and everything. Ended up spending couple of hours there and just when we left my other friend called us for help due to hotel issues. In the end all of us three were in the same hotel, all relieved that it worked and we ended up doing pretty much nothing anymore except for spending quality time chatting and laughing.

1476469_10151905035230326_966643490_n Saturday, and the first day of competitions. The weather was unpleasant, it was drizzling and cold and just disgusting. It was snowing in Hinterzarten but more or less raining in Titisee-Neustadt. You were freezing just because of this rain, and not because of the actual temperatures. I enjoyed watching the competition, even though I wasn´t too happy about its outcome. But I had really missed watching it. It still is something so different than when sitting in front of the TV, alone. The evening was…well. The party tent wasn´t really too exciting, so we left to our hotel rather early and then were chilling there, having dinner and then a few drinks and watching the most stupid and hilarious TV shows that you could possibly watch on a Saturday evening. Especially TV shows with British humor were quite…entertaining, as well as actual children´s TV. But hey, it´s been a ski jumping related trip, nothing should really surprise anymore.

Last day, Sunday. 3 minus 1 makes 2 of us. The competition was great until Morgenstern fell, and it looked really bad. The good mood changed immediately into dead silence, it was creepy. Also afterwards, everyone was seemingly rather hoping that every jumper just gets down safe instead of really caring too much about who wins. It clearly was not the way I had hoped how the Sunday would be, but what can you do. In the end it seemingly looked worse than it was, so… In the late afternoon I left by train, and the trainride was hell. 2 instead of 6 wagons, overcrowded. 80% of the time I actually spent sitting on the floor with many others, and that didn´t do any good mood-wise. My mood was really low when I got home.

May I turn back time PLEASE?


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