4 months in Hamburg (Deutsch kommt noch)


Wow. Another month passed by, it is now 4 months for me in Hamburg and a lot has changed me. A lit has changed in my life.

Lately my life was full of ups and downs.
My friend was diagnosed with leukemia, I am ill for soon a week and on sickleave, the weather is summery but kills my circulation. 

Being sick with summer flu and tonsillitis, I haven’t been home for soon a week now and instead am staying at my boyfriend’s place.
Yes, boyfriend. I am in a relstionship now and yes of course I am happy. But this is something very private so do not expect me to talk a lot avout it.

Work is still going well, I am looking forward to being back on track on coming Monday – I am a workoholic and I even checked my work emails when I was so sick that I spent all day in bed. Workoholic or control freak? Maybe both…

Besides, I was at HeidePark last Sunday wuth friends and it has been a lot of fun but also shocking how expensive it all is – I do not understand those prices to be honest. Without 2 for 1 coupons I couldn’t have afforded a visit at all.

Next week I will also give buying a bike another try – Had it planned for this week but miserably failed of course…

Hm, have i forgotten anything? I don’t think so – plus, prewriting this entry on my phone and posting it from there is quite a struggle *laughing*.

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