Review: Colored nail polish – Part 1 ( Nur Englisch)

Being someone who doesn´t go outside without having colored nail polish on, I think this little review on my lately bough polishes might be interesting for those also loving nail polish 😉
Soon I am planning on trying out some more colors, and will be reporting once I have enough to tell again!


2014-08-24 14.25.22Astor – Chili Green
A really bright and fresh green, that jumps into the eye. I like how the surface of the color looks like when it is on the nail, smooth and just lovely. Great for spring and summer, as a stand alone color perfect. I wouldn´t combine it with a topper, but it surely is possible to do so.


2014-08-24 14.27.02Catrice – Where is my ferrari
Just as the name is, this red really is a bright red when applied onto your nails just in one layer. If you want a darker and fuller look color-wise, applying it for a second time makes it possible. I also like how easily it can be removed, but doesn´t break off even when wearing two layers of it. Can be used as a base for more glittery red toppers, though I usually just wear it as plain as it is.

2014-08-24 14.26.12Catrice – Mermaid my day
I just love this color, it is amazing. It stays quite well on your nails but can be removed easily, too. The color itself is exactly what I like, shimmering and glittery and still in a way that it looks classy and not cheap. Nice for the winter months, because it has a bluish-cold touch within.


2014-08-24 14.25.59Essence – Nail Art Special Effects Topper
Nice topper, even though the glitter pieces are a tad too big for my taste. Nevertheless it looks good as topper applied onto “Essence – Metal Battle”. On brighter nail colors i doesn´t really show a good effect, so I´d only use it on darker base colors.


2014-08-24 14.26.43Essence –Date in the moonlight
Sounds better than it actually is – the glitter doesn´t really come out as much as I wish it would. It has some greyish touch which makes it look weird, I am really not sure. In combination with a nice glittery topping it is okay again, but standing alone it doesn´t work.


2014-08-24 14.27.26Essence – We rock the green
One of my favourite colors lately – summery, glittery, green. Just loving this fresh color that stands out. The glittery parts in it are small but make it look so lovely and fresh. I could wear it loads, even though it often breaks off the nails though, which is a downpoint of the whole…


2014-08-24 14.25.12Essence – Time for romance
I am not a too big fan of this one, because it doesn´t really look shimmering when you use it as the main color. Using a different base for it makes it brighter and much more attractive, so I hardly use it alone but mostly as a topper (except for on my toe nails, then I use it alone).


2014-08-24 14.25.03Essence – Gorgeous bling bling
The name sounds better than it is, once again. Yes, there is glitter and everything, but the red-tone is not that bright and strong, so that the whole mix is kinda…weak. But perfect if you don´t want a flashy red, but instead a discreet red.


2014-08-24 14.24.37Essence – Metal Battle
A black with a touch of metal look – not really fancy, looks rather greyish. If you apply a topper , then it might be a nice basics, but otherwise it doesn´t really make your nails look that great as a stand alone. Unfortunately.



2014-08-24 14.25.37Maybelline – Wine Shimmer
Not exactly „wine“ colored, it is rather a really strong pinkish look that the nails get when applying it. The shimmer is nice, but for me not really strong enough, so I use it mostly as a base and the apply something more shimmering and glittery on top – that makes it a really great thing!


2014-08-24 14.25.47Rimmel – Blue Vogue
Classy dark blue that looks nice on the nail. Plain and simple, but really good if you do not wanna go outside without a nail color but don´t want something too flashy. Fits to nearly everything clothing wise, that´s a big plus. But at times the color needs a while when drying…

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