Tetesept – Bath pearls (nur Englisch)

2014-08-28 16.21.52 Love magic

I had used these bath pearls many times before and I always loved it.

I really enjoythe fact it has a strong pink color when you put it into the water, and the smell also lasts for the duration of the bath. It doesn´t last as long as maybe others do, but it is totally sufficient.

Also it really feels good on the skin and seemingly doesn´t make the hair dry or looking terrible even when not showering or washing the hair afterwards.

Conclusion? Still loving it, and probably my fave bath pearls kind from this series.


2014-08-28 16.22.03Rose magic

It´s supposed to be new in the line of bathing pearls from this company- and it´s a nice addition to the line I have to say.
The smell is really nice if you like roses, strong but not too strong. Also, the smell stays for ages – not only for the duration of the hot bath but also afterwards it makes the bathroom smell lovely. It doesn´t only smell nice, but it also looks nice in the bathing water – a light rose color all over, it could´ve been a bit stronger but well. You cannot have everything.
It was okay for the skin, nothing special though.

In the end, a nice addition but nothing really that outstanding that I would buy it again.


2014-08-30 12.24.31Gold magic

Orange, almond and vanilla – this is how it really smells when opening the package. A natural seeming smell, nothing chemical. Also great how orange the water turns when using the pearls – and when you sit in your hot bath and take a look at the water, you see how it is glittering and shimmering. So beautiful, really. I hadn´t expected it to be glittering, like gold – oh well, it was rather bronce but whatever. The smell didn´t last too long, but it felt good on the skin, really soft.

Thus, it is a really nice one, especially for the eyes and nice and caring for the skin as well. The smell could have been a tiny lil bit more longlasting though.


2014-08-30 12.24.44Oriental magic

When opening the packaging, it has a really nice smell- this one, though, fades a tad too quick for my taste.

The color that the pearls give the water are magic though – a dark purple, with glimmer and glitter in it. It is so stunningly beautiful.

Skin and hair felt good afterwards, I wouldn´t have guessed that I had take a bath when touching my skin or seeing my hair. Couldn´t be any better.

Overall, a great one, if you are not wanting a strong smell but rather something nice visual and nice for body and hair.

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