Kneipp – Bathing crystals (Nur Englisch)

I had known Kneipp only for health related baths and things, but not for this rather modenr kind of bathing essences in crystal shape, mixing two smells/flavors into one bath. Generally I am not really a big fan of Kneipp, so it took the bathing essences to be on sale in the supermarket to make buy them. If it was worth it – read below!

2014-09-21 13.20.33

I have to say that this essence was my second try of the Kneipp crystals – after the first one (read below) was not that promising, this one didn´t only look good in the water, but also had a really strong but plesant smell all along and also after 20min of bathing.
My skin, nevertheless, wasn´t too happy about the bath, it felt dry but that´s the only downside.

Thus: quite a recommendation!


2014-09-21 13.20.19

Needless to say, the packaging looks really fancy, the color play between dark blue and red-pink bathing crystals – just amazing.

The smell was not too strong, totally average and nothing outstanding – whilst the look of the color when applying it to the water was really crappy and everything but pleasing.

The feel for the skin was average, nothing overly convincing, fully average.

Therefore, it´s a nice bathing essence but I wouldn´t necessarily buy it again.


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