Dresdner Essenz – Bathing salt (Nur Englisch)

Sales in the supermarket are always nice, especially when it comes to bathing essences – I simply cannot stop mysel from buying and trying out new essences then. And those two from Desdner Essenz are the outcome of such a sale – if it was worth the money or not…let´s see. I will most likely go and try some more essences by this brand later on, we will see!

Honey & Almond

2014-09-21 13.20.45_1The smell when opening the boring and plain packaging was nothing special, it was pretty much lame and not really making me enthusiastic.

When I poured it into the water, it turned into a bubble bath even though this wast mentioned on the packaging. I loved it, no doubts, but I am not sure if everyone would be as happy as me about this. The smell stayed rather not intensive, but the feeling on the skin was really good.

When I got out of the bath tub, my skin felt soft andgood, not dry at all. My hair clearly needed a good wash afterwards, nevertheless, probably because of the honey parts of it.

Overall, I really enjoyed it and can just recommend it!


Cotton and sheabutter

2014-09-21 13.20.09_1


Starting with the packaging – not really an eye-catcher at all, even though the description sounds promising, since it´s supposed to be soft and caring for the skin.

The smell of the bathing salt doesn´t have a pleasant smell when you open the packaging, when in water it gets better but still it´s not my cup of tea at all.

But it indeed is softer and more caring for the skin than other bathing essences are, that´s a clear plus point.

In the end I am not sure if I would buy it again, but I do have my doubts since the smell is really not what I wanna have – I am maybe just more of the “fruit smell” kind of person.






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