Bathing essence: Dresdner Essenz

Cornflower/Cotton (Caring bath)

2014-11-21 20.26.15At first, when smelling it on the lovely looking packaging, I wasn´t really convinced that it might turn into something nice.

But the first surprise already had been the fact that the essence was turning the water into a lovely light blue/turquoise color, and developed a really pleasant smell that lasted for the whole time of the bath.

Also, the skin didn´t feel dry afterwards at all, which surprised me – it felt silky and soft, and I felt fully relaxed.

Therefore: I can fully recommend this one, it couldn´t be much better!



Whirlpool bath

2014-11-22 14.43.51

It clearly is a bathing essence that gives you a bathtub full of bubbles – so amazing, I didn´t expect so much foam to grow up when addijng it to the water.

The smell was rather disappointing, I am not entirely into flower smells like this one, and also it was a rather weak smell that faded really quickly.

My skin liked this essence as well, but it was not really anything special.

Therefore, I can only partialyl say that it is a good one – it all depends on what you´re focussing on more – the foam or the smell.



Eucalyptus/Fennel/Honey (Free breath)

2014-11-22 14.43.39

If you´re having a cold, or cannot breathe properly, this is your perfect choice as it easily seems to clear lung and nose and makes breathing enjoyable again.

For summer, it would also be a good choice, since it is rather refreshing due to its smell.

The skin felt good after the long bath that I took with it, and I felt fully refreshed and happy after it.

Full recommendation, I am totally in love with it!

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