App: Sworkit Pro (Nexercise)

A while ago, my boyfriend told me that he isung this app for regularily working out at home – and since working out at home for me is a terrible thing, I was first skeptical but then went for it and installed the free evrsion first. But since I want statistics on everything, the Pro-version had to be downloaded.

Basic information
Sworkit Pro
Company: Nexercise
Lite version: Free
Pro version: 1,79 €
Downloadable: App-Store

The app

It is pretty easy to use, and quite natural. The structure is clear, the buttons are big enough and I also really approve the fact that you can decide if you wanna have voice or not – I personally use the voice telling me which exercise is next and then counting down from 3 seconds to finishing an exercise.

Also, I enjoy the fact that you can skip exercises that for whatever reason you do not want to do.

Only thing that is missing that would make the usability much better is if the photos of the exercises would be videos, and you´d not need to click on the video-button in order to see the video then in a new window (downloading all videos is good and saves time, but costs 40MB of your internal phone space).

The amount of exercises that are saved there is quite huge, and I really enjoy this as it is vital to not always do the same over and over again – it is not only boring for the body, but also for the brain.

As I am sucker for statistics, I enjoy the information I get after work outs and my total progress. I enjoy seeing which worksouts I have done when, and how much it makes up from my total workout, daily workout times and calories and and and. Loads of possibilities.

I know, it sounds really good, but there are also downsides of the app: the exercises at times are difficult to do if you haven´t done them before under professional supervision, and that might even be dangerous for your health – but this is a common issue arising from such workout apps as noone supervises if you´re doing those correctly. Also, what is missing for me – the possibility to exclude exercises straight from the start, basically a blacklist for exercises to ensure those do not show up in your exercise routine and making sure you do not need to use the skip-button…

Conclusion? Totally a “must have” if you wanna work out in your apartment and not always run to gym or go running outside!

Gallery (a  few screenshots of the app)


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