Review: Colored nail polish – Part 2 ( Nur Englisch)

2014-09-21 13.20.53p2 – Artful

Bright and strong color, and very easy to apply. Luckily it also dries really quickly, so you don´t need to sit around for long and waste time with waiting.

Only downside of it is, that it peals off rather quickly when you do not take care of it much.


2014-09-21 13.21.12p2 – Drive me crazy

Depending on how strong and bright you want it, apply it once or twice, it both looks really good on the nails. Smooth surface, lasts longer than the “Artful” one and feels good on the nails.


2014-09-21 17.29.33Ciaté – Serendipity

An amazing nail polish, yet you either need to apply it twice to your nails, or use something else as a base color, as it is a beautiful and sparkly one but rather transparent.
It is easy to remove and no rests are remaining on the nails, which is clearly a big plus point.


2015-01-03 18.49.12 Maybelline New York – Vernis Professional

It really is a strong and full color, a dark green kind of color, with glitter. It looks amazing on the nail but you need to be careful as it needs quite a while to dry. Also, getting it off the nail tends to be a challenge, but one I gladly accept because I really enjoy this naipolish a lot.


2015-01-03 18.49.53 Ciaté – Glass slipper

I have become a fan of this brand, and this nailpolish doesn´t change it at all. Applying it twice makes the nail look just so amazing, that I tend to use it for several weeks in a row even though it would be easy to just remove it…


2015-01-03 18.50.10Essence – Choose me!

Classic one for me, thus already mostly empty, but yet needs to be presented here since the dark green / turqouise nail polish with glitter dries really fast on the nails and lasts very long whilst still looking good and fresh.


2015-01-03 18.50.32H&M – Extra Vaganza

It is a great color for autumn, as the red-brownish sparkles just give you the suitable feel for your nail. Warm colors, easy to apply (two layers or with base color) and remove. I really enjoyed this one, being surprised that H&M offers such a good naipolish… 


2015-01-03 18.51.05L´Oreal – Opera Ballerina

Really not my cup of tea, as it has a rose touch, maybe a tad coral – I am not exactly sure, but I personally use it as a base nail color when applying sparkling and glittering nail polish that needs a rather neutrally colored polish.

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