Face masks (mixed brands)

Next to hair and taking hot bathes, the face is essencial – no surprise there, isn´t it? And since my skin usually is pretty problematic there, I started trying different face masks for making my skin better and nicer and me feel better about it…here the reviews on the first ones that I tried – mixed brands, simply because it´s those I am having at home right now.

2014-12-28 15.44.37 2014-12-28 15.44.44

today – Dead Sea salt
This mask was supposed to make the skin pores refined, and my skin really felt like it afterwards. Also, it feels pretty dry thanks to the salt, but this was no surprise.

When putting the mask on the face, the smell was not that pleasant – it smelled artificial for me.

Getting the mask off the face was a bit problematic, it was really sticky to the skin.
today – Moisture

This face mask is more like a creme than an actual face mask, at least it feels like it with its consistency. It clearly gives the skin a lot of moisture, this is for granted, and also has a pleasant and rather fresh smell within.
Thus, it might be something nice for someone with dry skin, for my (normal) skin though it was rather a waste of time and money.


2014-12-28 15.44.52

2014-12-28 15.44.58

today – Peel off
The mask is supposed to be cleaning the pores, and the skin really felt much cleaner after having peeled it of. The smell of it was nice when applying it, and it felt cooling (great for summer), but when drying, it felt not that great on the skin – I felt like a mummy at times. Peeling it off was really easly, and it was not stickying to the hair as much as I had feared it would -. but it did stick a lot to my fingers when applying it and getting rid off this was a challenge.

Schaebens – Chocolate
This face mask is clearly one of my favourite ones, not only because it is with real chocolate that doesn´t only smell like real one, but also tastes like it. Yes, you can EAT this face mask.

It makes the skin heavenly soft, even though it is a pain in the neck to actually get if off the skin again as it is very very very sticky to face ands hair.



2014-12-28 15.45.06
Schaebens – Luxury

Golden shimmering face mask, that feel rather cooling on the skin and not like something that would make the skin feel soft and smooth. But in the end, it did make it feel smooth, but not really soft .

Therefore, it might look fancy when using it, and had a good partial effect, but it needs a lot more than this to really convince me.


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