Carls an der Elbphilharmonie (Hamburg)

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So, today (1st of February 2015) I´ve been having brunch at “Carls an der Elbphilharmonie” – the brunch was taking place in the brasserie area of the whole restaurant and everything.
I had expected it to be really big and thus quite loud when there´s many people, but I was surprised: the room was rather small, cozy, nicely lit and not loud at all , even when it got fuller and fuller.

The air in there was quite good aswell, not much of an artificial feeling air condition, but instead automatically controlled windows that opened for maybe a minute and then closed again – nice and fresh air, which also made me more hungry than I already had been before.

The drinks

All kinds of coffee variations for the coffee lovers (nope, not me), different juices that tasted nice but were nothing special, two kidns of water (sparkling and normal) and quite some stuff more – I, for example, had a hot chooclate. And boy, this hot chocolate was a huge cup of it, and the amazing thing was that it´s not been this classic sweet cocoa, but a slightly bitter one. But still, massive one, finishing this was too much of a challenge even though it was so tasty.

The food – breakfast

Many kinds of break, baguette and bread rolls (too small ones), butter, different tasty marmelades, different cereals and also great natural yoghurt with fruit jam on the bottom (the blueberry one, so good) and different kinds of cheese (ore-cut and some you needed to cut yourself), very little of sausage stuff but nicely much fish related things which I personally totally appreciated and really enjoyed as they were tasty.

The food – lunch

As a lover of potato salad, I was a bit disappointed, as it was really plain and not as amazing as I had hoped, but the rest was making up for it: the roastbeef was simply amazing, freshly

prepared and cut in front of my eyes, so delicious. The boiled (?) tomatos tastes really good, a tad sweet and just special, no idea what they did to those. Potatos with rosemary were tasty, I felt like wanting to eat them all. Also, the egg and the bacon were really good, if I could I would´ve been eating tons of it. Simply because I am also just too lazy to prepare bacon myself.

The personnel

Quite young everyone, but really nice and working with an honest smile on their faces. Either they are masters at acting as if they had fun at work, or they really enjoyed doing what they were doing. No matter what, it made it a really nice atmosphere, and this is what counts.

Costs and times

Times: Sunday, 11:30am till 3pm
Duration per group: 3 hours max.
Costs: 29,50€ per person

Right at the moment (because of a bridge being not accessible) they even offer that you drive your car to in front of the place and they will park it themselves in their garage – because that garage is a bit further away, so if you go by car, you can use this service – free of charge!

More information



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