Bathing essences: Lush

Quite honestly, I have always wanted to try those, but when looking at the prices for those, I quickly passed on and tried to forget about them. Now my boyfriend came across them and ended up buying those three kinds of Lush essences for me – and I felt like a little kid at Christmas.

Warning: Please store those somewhere where kids cannot reach out to, as they smell so amazing and partially as if you could eat them, that kids might feel tempted to do so…

So White (Apple / bathing bomb)

The white huge ball of essence looks…unspectacular, yet its smell already made me fall in love with it. Drop it into the bath tub when you start filling it with water, and do so right at the start because it takes ages for it to be actually all gone. And, the water will

not remain uncolored,  it has a lovely rose colored touch within and the smell just got intensified and stays until the last minute of your bath – and for a while longer aswell – still, it is not too strong. Even though I am someone who takes looong bathing sessions, my skin felt renewed, soft and taken care of (better than it had felt before having taken the bath).
Thus: not everything needs to look overly spectacular to be amazing!

You have been mangoed (Mango, lemongrass, cocoa butter/ oil bath)

To be fair . this orange soapy bar with the “mango”-letters engraved is nothing where you go all excited when you see it. But the smell will already after a few seconds go crazy about it. It smells in a way that it makes you think you could just take a bite from it – an intensive, natural and amazing smell. And this smell stays far longer than you can take the actual bath. The bath´s color is somewhat milky, and you get a little foam with it too. And even after a hot and long bath, the skin feels so soft and silky, it is amazing – even though you partially feel a tad sticky too and thus really either should keep your hair out of the bathing water or quickly wash it afterwards. Conclusion? Enjoyable for all senses!

Bright side (Lemon / foam bath)

Straight away – if you want foam, like, loads of foam, this is the bathing essence for you! But first things first: the soap looks amazing, so colorful and bright and happy. On the packaging it says you should break it into two or three pieces – getting this done sounds easy but believe me, it is the opposite. Also the essence does not really easily turn into foam, because the essence is breaking into little pieces of which many just float away instead o turning into foam. But in the end, it smells so amazing for more than the actual bath, and the foam is immense  – and even when you get rid off the water afterwards, the foam seems to be staying forever. Furthermore, it felt good on the skin during the bath and also afterwards the skin was not as dry as I had expected.
My decision? Always again, and again and again. I think I am addicted.


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