Bathing essences – Tetesept (different kinds)

SInce this brand has so many different bathing essences, there is always something that I seemingly hadn´t tried before and thus it screams “buy me nooooow”- and I listen and buy, bathe and…blog 😉

2014-12-28 12.10.56

tetesept – Foam worlds

This essence really created a foam world, looking at this extremely huge amount of foam that developed in my bath tub when I had put it into the water. Amazing, no words left, really.

The smell was not really strong, it could´ve been more present and much stronger, then it also would´ve been nicer for the nose, whilst it had been also lovely for the skin.

And of course, the packaging looks really lovely and attractive to the eye – clearly something I would also buy again since it was just convincing – you don´t always need to have smell worlds…


2014-12-28 12.11.01

tetesept – Kleopatra´s secret

Quite frankly, the packaging of this bathing essence sounds and looks so much better than it was in the end. First strugle was opening it, and then an artificial smell came up that remained during the whole time of the hot bath. The milky look was okay, but it could have had more foam and the little foam it brought up disappeared as fast as it had come up at first.

My skin couldn´t really be bothered to feel soft afterwards, it was rather the opposite: pretty dry and felt partially itchy.

Therefore, I am really disappointed and cannot recomment this essence at all.


tetesept – Winter tale

A classy golden and christmas-like looking packaging, really attracting the eye for me. A strong smell related to winter and whatever comes with it, and also a strong color in the water when you put the bathing salt into the hot water.

For me personally, this bathing experience was not a good one at all, as I had an allergic reaction against this bathing essence . first my skin started itching, then breathing got worse and even my eyes were itching though I had not brought them into contact with the essence. I needed to get out of the water and take a good long shower to actually stop the itching. Therefore, I cannot really tell much, except that the smell of the essence is long-lasting and this bath might not be the best choice for people with allergic issue.


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