Kneipp – Bathing essences

2014-12-28 12.12.10

Happy timeout

Yes, it really had been a happy timeout, starting with the promise of long lasting foam. And believe me, this promise was kept: much foam, loads of it. And it stayed and stayed, even after a long bath when the water was gone, the bath tub was full of foam, atill.

The packaging is simple and not too fancy, not necessarily something that attracts young customers, I´d rather say 30+.

The smell was pleasant, but for me not strong enough after a while spent in the bath, but still more then just average. The smell itself was lovely though.



Everything´s gonna be alright (Crystals)

The packaging looks so adorable and cute, that it is heartwarming and making things better already. The contents of of the bathing essence sounded promising, but its good smell was fading really quickly, which was a disappoinment. Also, the look of the bathing essence was….not thet amazing, the yellow water looked not that pleasant, the associations with other things are just nothing you want to have. The skin felt dry afterwards, but that might´ve also just been the case because I was in the water for too long – who knows.

All in all, it could´ve been better, much better. Average bathing essence, not more, not less.


Soft end of the day (Pearls)

The packaging really fits the theme – end of the day, a relaxed evening. I was a tad worried from the start that it might not quite fit my taste smell-wise, and to be fair: I was right. The smell of lavender was during the first half of the bath really strong and intensive, maybe too much for me – I guess for those who enjoy that smell, it would be just perfect. Thecolor was a nice blue-purple and also my skin did not get dry even though I had a long relaxing time in the water fused by the essence.

Overall this essence is nothing for my taste due to its smell, but I think there´s gonna be people who really enjoy it 🙂


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