Bathing essences – For children – Kneipp

Kneipp – Little vikings

The packaging clearly is addressing children, and in a classic boy-blue, a bit cliché but it probably is working really well. It is too differently colored essences, white and blue which then mix to a really light blue in the water – it rather looks like a grey-blue, which is a pity. The smell is nice when you open the essence, but fades really quickly. Pluspoints are that the amount of foam the essence gives you is just stunning – literally a bathtub full. Also, my skin was feeling still really nice afterwards, which is a challenge with my dry skin at the moment.

Conclusion? Quite good, especially if you love foam!


Kneipp – Magical witch

To be fair, out of those two this one is my clear favourite – maybe because in the end of the day I am still a girl.

The smell when opening the package is great, and so it is also during the whole long hot bath. The amount of bubbles and foam is…well you could easily lose your child in there to say the least. It also claims that it would be soft to the skin, and so it really is – my skin felt like a baby skin after my 15min hot bath -. and I was really surprised.

All in all therefore you might already have guessed, that this is a 100% recommendation not only for kids, but also for grown ups!

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