Alright, even though I am busy packing, I want to present you a good cause that is started by US band NOTHING MORE.

Their initiative/charity is called #IknowJenny, based and related to their latest single and video, called “Jenny” (Video can be watched **HERE**). It is about singer Jonny´s sister, who is suffering from a bipolar disorder:

“The story of ‘Jenny’ is an ongoing struggle that my family and I are battling with. It continues to be one of the most confusing situations I’ve ever had to navigate in life. The topic is something that I think many of us can relate to, but not many of us talk about … We all know a ‘Jenny,’ whether it is a family member or a friend. My sister is dealing with this day to day, and it’s not only affecting her, but our entire family. It affects every minute of every day. […] It also affects the taxpayer in all these different ways with how she’s in and out of the system with hospitals and jails. It’s very tricky and very strange when people have something wrong with their brain. When someone’s in a wheelchair, everyone in the room will open the door for them and treat them differently. But if someone has something wrong with their brain, [other people] immediately just think they’re an a–hole.”

You might wonder why this topic is making me post a blog entry on it – but it has a story, because also I “know a Jenny”. Not only one, but quite a few.

And I know myself (should I say: #IamSomehowJenny ?), and I have had the luck of having a family that supported me instead of telling me to just get my mind straight. Sure, admitting that it is more than just feeling down or whatsoever is not easy, but it is so much easier when you have supportive people around you, making you feel like you are doing the right thing.Having a supportive family and friends is amazing – but also quite a challenge for them, because there is much more behind these problems than just mood changes or whatsoever. It really does affect a lot of time, and does steal a lot of power from those involved.

But not everyone is that lucky, and of course there are so many more (young) people around there, that struggled more than I did and do with my depressed and my manic phases, as well as the changes from one to the other state of mind.

Yes, I learned to be open about it, and I am not afraid to talk about it as it is a part of me and I have accepted this – it is neither a weakness to actually have these problems, nor it is a weakness to go and get help, nor it is a weakness to be open about it. These are strengths, admitting it and getting help is not easy, and also in nowaday´s society it is also not easy to be open about it. I know society still struggles with seeing it as an illness and not just a “oh you just cant get your ass up and your mind straight”, and it seems that when something terrible happened like the suicide with having many people killed in the Germanwings flight, it is immediately pointed out that the pilot was depressed and had a mental condition. It hurts – because it just gives the world even more prejudices, and makes those that struggle and fight have an even harder life than they already face day by day. No, our problems do not automatically make us criminals. But all the stigmatizing that is done to us makes us desperate – taking it in, until it blows up. In one way or another. This clearly is not excusing actions of people wanting to die and pulling other people along who want to live – there is no excuse for this. But it is what happens if we cannot talk about it, because work, friends or family or society might kick us out of their circles if we speak up.

I really beg to look behind the troubles that a person is facing – everyone got angels in their heart, no mattered how many scars he or she is wearing (Reference to “Skin” by SixxAM). Look behind the mask, but at the same time look behind the mask that can often claim that it all is okay to a certain extend. No it isn´t, but to a certain point you learn how to play a role to fit into daily life and society. I know this so well, I learned to be an actress in my very own life. Because society expects you to simply function, if you step out of the line, you´re the weird one, the strange one, the one that always makes problems. But no, you are not. Everyone has his or her own little burden, a package that you gotta carry – and for us it is a problem with our mental health.

Summing it up – you all probably can say #IknowJenny , if one or more. Treat them well, they deserve it 🙂


2 thoughts on “#IknowJenny

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  2. Carmen

    you referenced my 2 fav bands (halestorm in the title nomo as the subject) and a new to me band sixx am. D sweeeeeet job on that! And thank you for furthering the campaign and working towards reducing stigma on mental illness. Thank you!

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