Movie: To write love on her arms

I came across this movie by accident as it was on the Video on Demand platform on the plane, listed as new movies. And when I clicked through the list and saw this title, I just thought that the name sounded so familiar somehow – and as I had nothing to really watch, I thought I could give it a try.

A movie that fits to the charity that i already talked about earlier on – the one by Nothing More. Their charity also supports To Write Love On Her Arms so I just had to watch it.

It is a touching film/movie on a young woman that struggles her way through life, being bi polar and having experienced bad things in her life which in turn then affects everything that she does. It shows how hard it is also for the people around her to cope with what happened and happens, and that there are many different ways how people react onto such issues. What I personally found really touching was to see how much the girl’s friends supported her in the end – it just shows that also friends can be the actual family. To be fair, I sat there with tears in my eyes when watching many of the scenes.

The movie shows all ups and downs between addiction, self-harm, rehab and doing better and then falling from new.

What i personally found really interesting was to see self-harm from with watcher’s perspective and kt clesrly shocked me somehow, having been there and done that.

It is touching and clearly nothing one should watch on the plane, surrounded by strangers.

But overall I can just say go and watch it, it might open your eyes…


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