Bathing essences: Isana

Time to dream

Classy blue and night-like outlook, looks good at first. When opening it, a strong smell emerges, and stays also when you insert it to the water. The smell might be a bit too strong, at least for my taste it was too strong as it stayed like this for a very long time during taking this bath. I was surprised though that there was quite a load of foam, which is a huuuge positive point – that might even cover up the fact that my skin didn´t feel too nice after the bath, and that though I wasn´t even in the water as long as usual.

Overall, I am therefore not entirely sure if I would recomment it or not – if you enjoy a that strong smell, go for it. If not, then you might need to think twice.


Viola & Red Clover

A flowery packaging, that nevertheless looks rather old-fashioned and not that appealing for younger people I suppose.

The smell is decent, not too strong and not too weak, just right for a long bath with really loads of foam – and that came as a surprise again.

My bathtub was filled with foam, and that foam was staying far longer than I was able to take this bath. My skin felt good afterwards, not too dry but also not that soft anymore (no surprise).

Generally, it was much better than the “Time to dream” essence, but still it was not much more than an average bathing essence.


Mandarine & Buttermilk

I personally didn´t really find a smell in thet sense, a very discrete bathing essence when it comes to this – but my skin loved in nevertheless.

I took a hot long bath and my skin really felt like reborn after it, very soft and some clean in some way – it is hard to describe to be fair.

Overall, it is nothing if you are all into amazing effects and such stuff – if you want a basic good feeling essence, this might be the right for you though.




Lemongrass & bamboo

It smelled really lovely when I opened the package but this smell didn’t remain for long- it faded already when the bath tub was fully filled with the hot water

The essence was really soft and caring to the skin and brought up just the right amount of bubbles and foam for it to be an enjoyable bath that you can also enjoy for a few minutes longer without worrying about dry and itchy skin as an aftermath.

Overall it still was rather average, nothing more and nothing less.


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