Bathing essences – Tetesept (different kinds)

Almond blossom (Bath and peeling)

I was a bit sceptic, as anything with the potential allergic ingredients (almond, here) make me feel a bit insecure – but I was totally wrong.

It didn´t only smell really well and kept that smell throughout the whole long bath, it also made my skin feel fully and deeply cleaned but still really fresh and also soft.

I really enjoyed this bath, though you gotta keep in mind that the essence itself is not coming with amazing bubble, foam, color effects – it is more about the effects on the skin, and that one can really be recommended!



tetesept – Comfort donator

It sounds really fancy, and the packaging seems to be cheering up already as it is kinda cute and sounds nice with chocolate being a part of the essence.

But this is actually mostly all about the positive things – the skin felt nice after the bath. But that´s it, as it doesn´t really look that nice, nor does it smell much after pouring the essence into the bathing water.

Therefore, this essence I cannot really recommend – comfort giving? I don´t know, it is rather a disappointment for me.


Winter tale

To be fair, I cannot really tell much about it – but first things first.

When I opened the packaging, it smelled really good – like winter, like christmas, it had just given me this feeling of coming back home after a long fun day in the snow. And it kept that smell also after having filled up the bath tub with all the needed hot water.

I personally encountered heavy allergic issues with this essence, and I cannot put my finger onto the reasons, as all ingredients should not be a problem for me. Therefore I cannot tell much, except for my skin being all itchy and irritated after a short while.

Therefore: allergic people, watch out!

Magic of a mountain hut

I opened the package and wow – it smells amazing even though the smell didn’t last too long, which made me pretty sad. I could´ve done well with having this amazing strong smel for the whole duration of my bath.

Unfortunately, skin was feeling rather dry afterwards – maybe the essence is lacking some caring ingredients that are needed by the skin for a long hot bath, and especially for such a wintery essense it should be essential – cold outside, dry air, dry skin.

Therefore: the smell was amazing and I enjoyed that, but the rest was average and not really outstanding as I hoped it would be.

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