Phones, cameras and fights for souvenirs – welcome to concerts in 2015

After the past two Judas Priest concerts, I have once again realized fan behaviour that really annoyed the hell out of me.

There are three things that really annoy the hell out of me on concerts and I just feel like needing to get this off my chest, because I think many people out there do share my thoughts and my opinion:

Mobile phones

Videos, photos, messaging on Facebook and WhatsApp and whatnot in between two songs. Selfie taking when the favorite musician is close on stage, just to show off and show how cool you are and how cool the concert is/ was.

I had the pleasure of watching half a gig through a mobile phone many times, because fans just want to capture everything if possible, forgetting that the quality of their footage sucks and you will not be watching it much afterwards anyways. You just want to ensure that you could if you wanted to, people rather rely on their phones than on their minds in regards of creating memories and later on enjoying those.

Plus, I have seen musicians getting angry at people in the front row holding p their mobile phones all the time, trying to slap them away to show the fans that there is something called living the moment instead of being all focused on how to hold the phone, if I should zoom in or out, if the musician moves slow enough for the crap phone to actually capture a nice moment…


First thought when thinking about cameras at concerts in the audience is: flash. Camera flash. Nothing´s worse than this. Dearest fans, in 99.9% of the time, the flash of your shitty tiny compact camera doesn´t even reach the subject you are photographing. Conclusion? Correct, it does not make any sense to use flash. So simply turn it off. No idea how to do that? Read the manual or don´t take your camera with you on a show. Also, keep in mind that you might capture great lights, a striking pose of the musician – but you do not capture your thoughts and feelings and the atmosphere of that moment in a photo. You cannot. You could with your eyes and your mind, but your camera cannot.

“But when you film it, you can…” – no sorry, you still cannot. Or does your camera record what you were feeling in that moment? Would be creepy if it could. Again – it is nice to have videos, but don´t stand in the front row for that. There´s people that want to see what happens on stage, and don´t want to watch this through your stupid camera´s display.

Fighting for souvenirs

The things fans do for catching guitar picks or drum sticks is often pretty much ill minded. Yes, I do fully understand that it is amazing to catch one of those, I am also always happy when I do. Of course I try and catch a guitar pick, a drum stick and all this – but there is limits.

And people fight for them. It starts off with only pushing the person away, hitting it out of the other person´s hand, punching the person in the ribs, and ends off with fist fights, crawling on the floor searching for a guitar pick in the dark or head first diving into the photo pit to still grab the item.

Why try normally to grab the item, and if you cannot catch it, let it go? People miss out on so many great concert moments because of looking for guitar picks, begging for them and such. I don´t want that bullshit during a concert – I want to enjoy the show, every minute of it, without being afraid to be beaten, squeezed, pushed or kicked if a souvenir item by the respective band is being thrown into my direction. It is just no fun, because I want to have a happy time and enjoy the time, without worrying when some sick minded crazy fan is going for some souvenirs. The best ones you always have in your head – the memories are the best ones.


I wish everyone who´d be using a phone or camera in the venue would be kicked out. Or even better: cameras and phones would be collected at doors open, it would solve so much hassle.

Why I request something that drastic? Because I have the feeling that people have lost their common sense how to behave during concerts – instead of rocking out, they are rocking their phones and cameras.

Also, I wish that people who beat the shit out of others for a plain guitar pick or drumstick would be sent outside and away from the concert. But this won´t happen because those sick freaks are the ones paying.

What now? I don´t know. Pray for it to be brain raining for those people.

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