City Slide – Sun, sliding and hospital (DE Version in vorherigen Beitrag)

It always comes differently than planned, and at times it´s rougher and with full force. Literally. I am home right now, recovering…why, you will be getting to know when reading this all.


Saturday around lunchtime I started my way to Energieberg in the south of Hamburg, as there was the City Slide event and I had a ticket for it and a blow up sliding ring. Sounded fun, the weather was great – okay, a tad too hot and too sunny, but with sun blocker and a cap it was all good. And that´s something I am saying even though I am really not into summer.

So I went there, one hour of getting there, and on the way there I met two lovely girls that I joined. It is never hard for me to really find someone to hang out with when I go somewhere alone.

Wristlet and sliding ring picked up and the getting changed, found a not too sunny place and spent the time sitting there, brought the stuff to the cloakroom and then walked up the hill – many many steps to do, it was hell in such a hot weather.

Then it started – queuing on the way to the slide – a long time queuing, which became normal en course of the day, as the water pump was blocked several times.

After the first round of sliding I already thought „oh, that´s dangerous” – I had knocked down a girl that tried to stand up and leave the sliding track. What could I do, braking was not possible. The water in the ending area was awful and totally irritated my eyes, and I fell over the pump there twice. I thought that it is gonna get better if you find a routine, thus I did it again and with less problems, except for even more eye problems so that I had to have them cleared at the paramedics. After this, I was finally able to see something again.

Together with the girls I sat down in one of the very shady areas, but quite early said that I wanted to go and slide again – you gotta use the time that you paid fir. And yes, I paid for it. I started running and then stepped onto something (at least this is how it felt) and slipped backwards, and hit my head and neck with full force onto the ground. Then I was there, on the floor. The first reaction was that I wanted to get up. I had to face the fact that my legs were really weak and that my body felt off. I stayed where I was, closed eyes, taking deep breathes. Breathing in and out, in and out again. It took a while until the paramedics were around me, and then I was put from one carrier to the other and then into the ambulance car. A really uneven and awful path downhill, and all I can say: fucking hell that was painful, I wanted to cry and scream at the very same time. I started panicking when I realized that my shoes and stuff were still up the hill and my backpack was at the cloakroom. And I had noone who could bring the things to hospital.

The ride to the hospital with full speed was…interesting. And painful. The way how the paramedic was driving, at times I wanted to kill him if I would´ve not been all tied up and kept from moving with a stiffneck thingy.

And there I was in the emergency unit, 7 long hours started, hours that brought me to my mental and physical limits.

Physical limits because every movement gave me a lot of pain, I couldn´t move my neck due to the stiffneck things and the laying on the edge of the stiffneck gave my head even more pain, the back as a whole was hurting and so was my hip, fingers and feet felt weak and everything…

Mental limits, because I was there all alone. Everyone around me had partner, friends or someone with them, and I was there quiet and alone, couldn´t even inform anyone as my things were still at the event area. No phone, no papers, no clothing except for my bathing clothes. The waiting for the examinations, the fear of the diagnosis…

CT and x-ray, and afterwards the first diagnosis: no bones or anything broken, but possibly some damage to the spinal disk. I had to swallow hard. There I was, all alone. And so many thoughts were running through my mind, everything that I wouldn´t be able to do anymore or what was coming for me. The clothing from the hospital also didn´t really built me up, the statement that I was not allowed to get up made me get even more panic. Yes, I had to be calmed down by a nurse, I was on that bed crying.

It was past midnight when I was put into another bed and the brought to the neurosurgery station. A max of 2 people were in the rooms, and I was lucky enough to have a room for myself. The nurse from that evening was a great dude who managed to make me laugh shortly. And I was relieved – I was allowed to get up when I was being careful. I still wasn´t happy, I cried myself to sleep when I had gotten my first dose of painkillers. Sleeping didn´t work though as some injection things was still in my left arm and that was driving me crazy.


In the morning at around 5am, when I got my new meds, then the nurse took off the permanent cannula. Then I was sleeping a little until breakfast and also after breakfast. I was exhausted and desperate. Finally I was able to call my dad and my mum then called back to the station – they made troubles that she called in that way, and also the fact I had no phone or anything was nothing they cared about. Also they did not care about me needing help.

In the emergency unit they had already contacted the police, as they might be the only option for me to bring my stuff over but it was too late that day. But take a guess, did any of the nurses go and help me when I asked them for the phone number of the according police station and a phone? Nope. Again and again my wish was ignored. In the end my mum sat there in Cologne and on the phone with me and the police in Hamburg, so that a couple of hours later I had two police guys knocking on my door – with my backpack in their hands. Keys, purse, phone. Finally.

Then it also didn´t take too long anymore until a friend came by, and believe me, it is amazing to have finally again contact to the rest of the world – and it was even more sweet to have someone come by. I was more and more calming down, the painkillers worked more or less and I was happy to have someone around. Also some stuff I was brought, as I had literally nothing with me.

The day passed by quite quickly, and then there was dinner and then I was all alone again. Calmer but still with the fear of a spinal disk damage in the back of my head. Every second. Every moment.

Put in ear plugs, closed curtains, and slept – 12 hours in a row.


I once again had someone come by, and got some more necessary items – also flipflops, s that I was FINALLY able to go outside. And since the weather was so lovely, it was fun being out there and turning off the brain.

Also I had a room mate since late morning – an elderly lady, but a pretty cool one. I can go along with that.

In the afternoon, the MRT scan was done to see if there really was damage to my spinal disk or not. I was brought there far too early and then was waiting there on my own whilst my friend was sitting and waiting, really annoying. The tunnel there was far smaller than the normal ones – I had my hands on my belly and my elbows nearly touched the tunnel construction and when I opened my eyes I had maybe 10cm to the upper part of it. I usually do not have a problem with MRT scans and with every minute my panic grew stronger. I was so relieved when I was out of there.

In the evening I got my thrombosis injection, what a joy. I wasn´t hungry after that anymore, no need for my dinner, me and injections just don´t go well together. My mood dropped but whatever. When my friend left I started some beauty works, now that I finally had everything. I felt like a human being again.


The night was hell – my room mate was watching TV really late and that would´ve been no problem but then she fell asleep and she was snoring. And then she got a transfusion that was done at around 2am and the nurses came to the room again, I was all awake again. Terrible. I was really tired and grumpy after this night. The time until the doctor came around seemed to be endless and I only wanted to leave. Every minute made me go more annoyed, but then even happier when I was told I was able to leave because I had no damage to the spinal disk. This happiness was incredible. Then I had again someone to come over to kill time until the doctor´s papers were ready – I was so happy to get out of there and the waiting took so long again. My nerves were killed but once it was the time for it, I grabbed my stuff and quickly left.

Once at home, it was just sweet. It is my home and no matter how annoying the pain is, I know it will be staying for a while longer.


+ Cool idea
– No shade
– Noone checked the wristlets
– The needed size for kids was not controlled anywhere
– The pump was blocked/broken for several times
– The water in the ending area was disgusting and the water probably full of germs
– The slide was uneven, the floor was not good
– The starting area of the slide was too even and then it was too steep
– The ones using the slide were sent too short one after the other
– No proper emergency route for e.g. ambulances where you did not have to go through the crowd
– No signs leading you to an escape route if I remember correctly

=> Thus I really wonder how the regulatory agency had the guts to approve this event


+ The food was really okay if you keep in mind it´s a hospital
+ Only two people in one room
+ Radio and TV for everyone person on its own
+ Bathroom was also okay
+ The kitchen helpers that took care of food and where you were able to pre-order food
+ The chief physician – not only a cool surname but also a nice person
– Treatment in the emergency room was terrible
– 2 of the doctors
– Most of the nurses
– You were not able to fully open the windows, thus it was a really bad air in the room

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