Deo spray – Balea – Raspberry & Cherry

Alright, to be fair, I´ve been using one and the very same deo spray for the past years, as I am not really a fan of experimenting in that case. But when I was at the store again and found those two lovely sprays, I thought I should once give it a try – especially because the smell promised sounded really fancy.

Balea – Deo/Body spray – Shining Berry (raspberry)

Mainly a bodoy spray, but for me it at least qualified to be called a light deo spray because for me it at least had this effects.

Smell-wise, it is beating the cherry one by miles, I really loved that smell – it is not that strong but remains on te body for a really long time, and this is something I enjoy a lot.

It lays good on the skin, but sometimes doesn´t dry fast enough.

Overall – a nice spray, good for the body but not made for hot summer days.

Balea – Deo spray – cherry

This is supposed to be a pure deo spray and I don´t know why they´re calling this a deo spray. For me it is solely a body spray, as it rally doens´t do the job a deo should be doing. At least not for me, I am not sure if I am the only one.

Smell-wise it is nice, strong but still smelling really well for a long time, and also it is quite friendly to the skin and I had no bad experienced with it.

Overall, nevertheless, this is a cpure body spray, and really not a dea spray – if you want a deo spray, don´t choose this one.


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