Review: Colored nail polish – Just, Maybelline, Forever 21 & Rival de Loop

I guess this post shows a bit what a huge range of colors I own – from really classy, over flashy and trendy and then some not that colorful one. I am not limiting myself to certain kinds, colors or brands, whatever looks like it could be cool ends up in my bag and is bought!

Rival de Loop – Indian feeling
I am not quite sure why it is having the name it has, as it is having a rather slight pink touch than any orange or whatever you might call “indian feeling”. It also needed several layers, but at least the drying time was quite acceptable so it was less annoying. If you did not use a base coat, you will have problems to fully get rid off the color as it is really a well sticking one.

Forever 21 – Neon Green
It is really flashy and intensive, but only if you use several layers of color because it is a rather thin nailpolish. Also, it breaks off the nails rather easily, so be prepared to keep on re-doing it if you work only a bit with your hands or shower long or even dare to take a hot bath.
Therefore: I wouldn´t buy it again, unless I´d need a nail color just for a one night occasion or something like this.

Just – Be Different
With the color I wasn´t sure right from the start, as I am more into flashy and strong colors, and being rather pale, the color did not look that great either.
Applying it was a hassle and you were able to see where you had the brush; also, the drying really took a long time and you easly had smashes in the color. Last but not least, it did not last too long when showering, taking a bath and acting normally…

Maybelline – Tangerine Tango (Colorhow)
That naipolish was in my PinkBox for July, so I only indirectly bought it.
At first I was not too happy about this strong orange, but was surprised how good it really looked on the nail and how long it was lasting and how little time it needed to really dry.
Overall, it is clearly a summer color in regards of nail polish, and I will clearly be wearing it more often!

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