Review: Colored nail polish – p2, Catrice & Blackbird

You know me and you probably have never seen me withoit any kind of nail color on my fingernails – the amount of colors I own keeps growing, and I will again more and more share my experiences with the different brands and colors.

p2 – Purple Pop
Purple with a metal reflection – you might be surprised, as I am no fan of the color usually. but on my nails it looked really nice once I had applied two layers of it (one was still too transparent). It dried off quickly and lasted rather long, which surprised me as it is not the most expensive nailpolish. Overall, a clear must have if you are into metallica and glittery colors.

p2 – Yellow Swing
First off – I felt like a christmas ball that you put onto the tree any second. It is more of a golden than a real yellow, thus I will probably unpack it again when it is Christmas time, and let it rot in the meantime. Besides this, it needed again two layers and surprisingly needed a long time to dry, and peeled over rasther quickly after having taken a hot shower the other day.

Black Bird – Kiss The Frog
I am generally a fan of any kind of greens when it comes to nailpolish, and especially when it comes with glitter or some metallic look like this one. It comes with some gel look, but all I got was seeing where I moved the brush, which clearly was a downside of it. The nailpolish lasted long and also needed quite a while to actually dry, but overall I would probably but it again because it looks nice on the nails.

Catrice – Can You SEA me?
A cool and fresh turquoise, a color that really stands out and was easy to apply (watch out – it is hard to get off the nail skin if you don´t aim well). It dried quite fast, and felt really nice on the skin as it felt soft and like a gel that is stretching over the nail. Also, it lasted really long and looked good throughout the whole time. Only downside was that it was hard to get off the nails in the very end.


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