Hello Brussels and Ancienne Belgique, it´s been nice to see you again…

Paavo and me, wearing his glasses

…even though I felt pretty lost around the venue in Brussels where I went for Apocalyptica (24/10/2015), because seemingly a lot changed during the many past years where I had not been there. But let´s start where it should be started – with the start of my trip in Cologne.

It was yet another early morning, because at around 8.40am my Thalys left to Brussels – and I realized I had booked myself a 1st class seat, even though I was really sure that I had not booked it. But hey, free drink and a nice sweet snack, comfy seats and much space for the legs. I clearly could get used to this.

Then I had the not so smart idea to walk to the hostel that I had booked – but to be fair, stupid me. I should have taken the tram as I had printed the route with google maps for this one. But no, I had to pimp up my Weight Watchers activities score. So I walked. And walked. Got lost. Got lost again. Tested my French. Found my way and arrived at the hostel fully sweaty. Just to realize that I had forgotten to have a look at the earliest possible check-in time. It was 3pm, and that´s just not matching my plans. So I dropped off my luggage in the luggage room and then charged my phone and went to meet my friends at the venue, had a drink and then did some 2-3h of walking around in Brussels and finally seeing things. It clearly had not been the classical sightseeing, but it was enough for that day. I need to say – and I am sorry if anyone feels insulted by this – the center smells like piss. everywhere. Again and again. Around every corner. It is awful, and clearly makes me feel stomach sick.

Then I went to check in, brush teeth, brush up my look to actually start looking like a human being again – but hey, singer Franky had already seen me in my “I am totally exhausted and look like shit”-state whilst sightseeing, nothing to lose anymore. BUt still, looking good is essential – to show off the girl inside of me.

We then went to eat at the venue´s restaurant (Venue = AB = Ancienne Belgique) – not only was the food really good as you can see, but also there was a separate entrance for those people having eaten there. But only for tickets that you bought online – two of my friends had the Apocalyptica fan tickets and had to go and queue outside again. But you know what, saving spots is the least thing you can do in such a situation. And that´s what we did. And we all ended up in the front row – best spot. no doubts.

The show was great again, I really enjoyed it and actually was surprised how well balanced the sound was even in the first row. Being honest – seeing support band Tracer for the fourth time this tour was too much, it was really hard for me to get into the music again, even though I really tried. They played well again and I still enjoy their music, but it was too much.

Apocalyptica nevertheless – it never gets old. Okay, shame on me, it does – it was different this time, because I knew it was the last time for quite a few months. I was headbanging (and afterwards didn´t feel one of my fingers anymore due to my neck problems messing with my nerves), singing along, enjoying it with closed eyes. There are songs that I always enjoy, and especially “Hope Vol. 2” is a song that at first cracked me, but now is giving me so much comfort – I would´ve never believed this would happen if anyone would´ve told me. And still, I am and will stay a big support of Franky being with the band – he is not only a great singer and matches perfect with the band, but also a really cool guy – no doubts. And I really hope that all of the band´s fans will finally understand it, as his voices touches me so much and I hope it does the same for everyone else. I know it probably isn´t but…it will happen, you simply cannot stay away from this, you just need to open up to all of this beauty.

Franky and me

After the show I managed to forget to actually get me a tourshirt – well fine, 25€ for my savings, I approve that. I plan to save as much money as possible during the next months, as I have not planned any trips or whatsoever until…I don´t even know when. I´ve been waiting for the guys, and it´s been worth it, but in the end I was cold and really happy when I was back at the hostel to take a quick shower and then drop into bed. With a smile on my face.


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