Sleep Well Hostel – Brussels

Alright, 3 weeks ago (or something like this), I went to Brussels to see Apocalyptica and not being able to swim in money, I ended up searching for a nice hostel that is close to the centre and also close to the venue, ans thus stumbled over the “Sleep Well Hostel”, just 15 minutes away from the venue. Perfect match for me.


I paid, for the room of 6 and including breakfast, 23,50€ – which is pretty much nothing looking at the small room size and the fact there is wifi, separate shower and toilet in your room and the breakfast. Renting a towel is 1€, which is also really a fair price, so all in all it was really not expensive at all. Makes sense for everyone who doesn´t want to spend a fortune on accomodation when mostly being outside anyways.

The room

6 beds, split up into 3 bunk beds. All wooden furniture, really nice and cozy done. Including light and power socket right at your bed, same for some little drawers for storing smaller things and a place where to hang at least a few of your clothes. The bed was really nice, not too soft nor too hard mattress, pillow was comfy but the blanket was like a woolen army blanket, where you needed to add your linen to. Not really my style, but alright.

The bathroom was split into two – one small toilet room (with not so amazing air condition) and a bathroom with two separate and cool and stylish looking shower cabins and a washbasin and a mirror. The mirror was attached to the wall in a stupid way, so basically just one person at a time was able to use it.

For me, the following thing was not really too bad as I was there just for sleeping – but it might have been annoying otherwise: due to construction works, one of the windows was kinda sealed with wood, so no real light coming through, and of course looking outside was also not possible. If I was staying there for longer, it would´ve been a pity, but like this, it was still fine for me.


I met two staff members at the reception, and to be fair, really not my cup of tea, even thugh they were rather polite. They seemed somehow distant and always stressed, and this is not something to really show to your customers. I personally felt even bad for asking them for some things, like a map or the towel or such things, because they seemed to be in a permanent rush.


The breakfast was good – several different kinds of bread and juices, you had marmelade, butter, margerine, you had the chance to have cereals and joghurt, but also cheese and sausage (though just, unfortunately, one of each kind) as well as some egg with bacon which was surprisingly well and was no artifical egg but real egg. Tea and coffee also was available, and you were able to eat as much as you wanted. So food-wise all perfekt. Just the breakfast room was a bit small, so that the rows of tables and chairs were really close together, which was pretty annoying when people had to walk through those rows.


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