MyProtein – Pancake Mix – Chocolate

MyProtein – a lot of my Instagram friends talked about it, and use their products – so I was trying it and as I saw this try-out package of the pancakes, and even in the taste of chocolate, I just had to give it a go.

The package looks not too fancy, and the little measuring cup was buried in the powder, which was annoying. The first impression was: smells nice, but how on earth is that supposed to give nice pancakes when adding only water (I don´t use milk due to Weight Watchers reason)?

But hell it is easier – and for once it seemed like it was far easier for me to portion the pancakes and also they seemingly did not stick to the pan as usually my other pancakes do. The taste of the pure pancake – really nice, not artificial at all. And clearly tastes like chocolate, so: all thumbs up!

I personally did a few smaller pancakes, and in between all those layers I spread some lactose free and natural yoghurt and once frozen raspberries. You might think this might not be sweet enough, but in combination with the pancakes, it was so delicious!


  • Use slightly warm water for the pancakes
  • Keep mixing the ingedients, otherwise the taste will not spread evenly


Protein mix (31%) , powdered oats, cocoa powder, medium-chain triglycerides (68-75%), sodium caseinate (milk), dextrose sirup, emulsifier (E472c), baking agent (Sodium bicarbonate), sweetener (sucralose), emulsifier (soy lecithin).

Ordered on


Shipping: 3,95 €
Mix (200g): 6,49 €

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