Bye bye 2015 – a flashback

As I have done all past years since I opened this blog, there will also be a flashback this year. It´s been a crazy year, many ups, many downs, roller coaster loops and and and…and a lot of very private stuff that would actually need to go in there, but it´s simply too private so it will stay in the back of my mind.



  • Started my project management evening course
    And man that was a tough time, that once a week was clearly enough – especially when you wanna make it perfect and always be on top of it
  • Soccer match at the stadium – Hamburg vs Cologne
    And what can I say: it was cold, but I was surprised how easy it was to get there and how well extra busses and such are handled – I am used to much worse. And it was great to see a live match again!
  • Bought my big amazing fridge
    Finally I can pre-cook it all, and then put it in portions and freeze it – amazing if you are too lazy to cook but still don´t want to have fast food 


  • Won some prizes sponsored by Schaebens – heaven for someone who loves facial masks
    …and my skin loved it, and so did I. It was great to actually get to check out some of their facial masks which I normally would have not bought – and some of them I will not be buying again, but still, I won all of it!
  • Gym at my company was opened
    …which means for me: gym for free, and close to work – means: more motivation to actually get going, even though the equipment is not really fully satisfying
  • First time photographing a baby (from a good friend)
    …me and photographing people? And then even a baby? Hell no, that´s what I kept saying for ages, until my friend asked me if I could do it – and so I did, and it was loads of fun and the photos are really cute! 


  • Got rid off my temporary contract and switched to an open end contract
    Means: more security, and I know I will be staying in Hamburg for a longer time ^^
  • Finland vacation and work at Lahti Ski Games
    I was supposed to be working as a photographer at Lahti Ski Games – instead did some things here and there, and enjoy being able to watch ski jumping from the top of the hill and all these perks…
  • My camera was stolen in Finland
    …and I had to buy a new one, and learned the lesson to have a theft insurance for my new camera. It was a bitter loss, because I loved my camera, but now I have an even better one… 


  • Apocalyptica and Sixx:A.M. in the US – Albany – New York – Philadelphia –  Silver Spring
    The craziest trip I have ever done in my life so far, and besides finally meeting the Apocalyptica guys again, I was treated like friends and family thanks to their tour manager. Also I met many great fans, and also Sixx:A.M (they are great guys, except for Nikki Sixx – no appreciation here). 


  • Baking bread
    I started baking my own bread, because it simply tastes better and it´s not really hard either – perfect match I´d say 


  • Judas Priest shows – Hamburg and Utrecht
    Frontrow for the win, and because once wasn´t enough, I added the Utrecht show on top – simply because the venue was comparably small and intimate. And fucking hell it was great to be so close to the stage!
  • Photo tour at cemetery Ohlsdorf
    I always had a problem with going to cemeteries for photographing, but as this one is more like a park, it is always a pleasure – and great motives aswell!
  • Finished my project management evening course
    And I did that with amazing grades – strike!
  • Projekt Wasser Woche – drinking only water for a week, sponsored by Gerolsteiner
    …and blogging about it. And it felt really good, because I realized I do not drink enough, especially during stressful days at work I tend to forget about it… 


  • Accident at City Slide Hamburg, making me go to hospital and giving me pain and problems for many following months
    The fear of maybe having injured my spine and having my life changed was terrible and I never had such a panic before; and I was glad I had the support I needed to get over it all
  • Weekend trip to Stralsund
    …to recover from my accident, to turn off the mind and to be able to actually relax in order to get better – and I spent the time well, swimming, walking around, snapping some photos…
  • Started the PinkBox (a surprise box with beauty products) abonnement
    …which I cancelled later on, because the content of the boxes was not amazing as I had hoped beforehand – but it brought me many different new cosmetics 


  • Photographing first show after my accident in July
    And then one, that made it really dangerous to be in the photopit – the security had quite some work to keep me from being strangled. But at least I was the only one in the pit back then^^ 


  • Metal Hammer Awards in Berlin thanks to having won tickets from
    A fun trip with a colleague back then, travelling back and forth without a night in a hotel or anything – because it´s been the cheapest way, and the evening was clearly fun!
  • Started WeightWatchers
    With quite a goal: 25kg I wanna lose, over the next 2 years… 


  • European Tour of Apocalyptica (Hamburg – Bielefeld – Cologne – Brussels)
    An amazing 2hour show, meeting new and old people and travelling a lot – and partially even seeing something of the cities I was in (Brussels), giving a fan a ticket as a gift because I had a spare one due to my guestlist – it was a great tour for me
  • Won three new Gerolsteiner refreshing drinks
    …but most of them were not really convincing, unfortunately. But I enjoy winning stuff nevertheless ^^ 


  • Start of my new job
    …which was a good decision, because I enjoy the new challenges and tasks a lot
  • No olympics games in Hamburg
    …and I clearly voted for a “no” – many reasons, I will not be listing all of those, but I am relieved, a lot. 


  • Tried pole dancing and loved it!
    …so I overcame my fear of “being just the fat girl” and tried it out and loved it – therefore, I will be starting the pole dancing course in January (first two months, and then maybe later on I´d continue)
  • Won a Brigitte Beauty Box thanks to an online advent calendar
    …and I am really happy about it – not just because I´ve won something, but also about the content, as it is a really nice mixture of beauty things but also food related items
  • Bought a tablet
    Finally I have a tablet so that I can now travel without needing to carry my big and fat laptop around all the time – thanks to Amazon Sale Week I got to buy it and I couldn´t be happier with it
  • Christmas at home in Cologne
    Always good to be back and see the family!
  • Bought  a FitBit Flex
    …to track my activities better, and to really figure out if I am moving my butt enough or if I need to get more active and walk more!

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