Pole Dancing – Lesson 1

My first real pole dancing lesson – as I am a terrible perfectionist and do have my struggles around new people, especially when it comes to a sports where you are support to look good…so I was worried, worried about my body shape, and everything that the mind was able to come up with – and as usual, I was proven wrong and shown that we´re a really great group of girls that can, without problems, laugh about looking retarded and not getting things right.


We started off with warming up legs, hips, arms and upper body in general – what was missing for me was really warming up the neck and also the fingers were a tad too little watched, but that´s just my very own feeling. I realized that I need to get some jogging pants for the warming up, because otherwise my body is remaining pretty much cold and that´s not really the sense of it all. So that´s gonna be on a next shopping list for clothing.

The “core”

We´ve been doing technical stuff, meaning: repeating things over and over again, with tons of corrections, and luckily less and less mistakes on my side. A few blue sports show that every beginning is pretty hard and sometimes painful, but that´s normal – just as it is that your hands look like someone did a massacre with them.

What I really had to face was the fact how much weaker my left arm and hand are – we did the spin below with both sides, and the ones where my left hand was higher always worked far worse somehow. It was a real struggle.

This is how the forward and backward spins look like when you´re looking good and aesthetic whilst doing so, and managed to smile and not have a desperate or “wtf” facial expression:

The backward spins worked much better than the forward spins, and I don´t know yet why and why my brain could someone not really process the movements that I had to do. It somehow felt really unnatural to let yourself “fall” to the front – it just doesn´t work for me, everything in my body screams “no”. And i hope this is really going to change.

The second thing we did was sitting on the pole – and yes, that shit can be painful. But more on that after you watched the video.

This is how the “sitting on the pole” (sounds so wrong, but…) looks like when done right:

If you don´t watch out and don´t put the leg around the properly, you squeeze your skin and it rubs and hurts and your skin looks terrible afterwards. What is also no fun is when you don´t put your legs around the pole strong enough and sliiiiiightly slide down. And then ask your skin how it likes that…yes, I am being all girlish, but it really is painful. But our teacher said that the pain will get less. Hopefully. I really hope so.

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