Pole Dancing – Lesson 2

Usually you say that the beginning is the hardest – so now was lesson two and I am pretty much frustrated because I felt like things didn´t want to work. Whilst the spins last week worked quite fine, this week was…a struggle. And no, I do not want to look to that mirror wall because all I see is a being that clings onto the pole and looks like a wet bean bag. Yeah I know, totally amazing picture you have in your head now ^^

And some funfact for you – yesterday I was like “shiiiit, forgot to shave, let´s do it quickly even though I need to put lotion on my skin but we will probably do different exercises anyway…” – yeah right. Nope. I regretted having put lotion on there, because I needed magnesium creme for the pole to not be slipping and sliding like mad where my legs were …

Warm Up

This time with leggings (next time with proper jogging pants) and long shirt, and I was sweating really fast – probably faster than ever before. And I was surprised how much of a difference it made, especially for my arms and shoulders. Though I gotta say that I did some neck and arm/shoulder stretching already before the lesson, as I know that those parts of my body usually are the ones that are problematic with me.

The “core”

We started where we ended last week – with sitting on the pole for a bit, as some sort of a part of the warm-up that we did before. And it went quite well, even though I tend to start spinning when putting up my second leg. But it was better than last week, so I am happy about this little bit of progress.

We continued with “The fireman” – and no, it´s not all about climing up the pole and then sliding down, it´s far more complicated than it might sound.

On the video, you see the variation that we were taught aswell – and I was really struggling when doing it in the static way. Getting my knees to the pole and then also my toes properly stretched (and the girl in the video is not doing that properly, as the toes should go more towards the pole) was a struggle – but with spinning it became easier, at least a bit. Nevertheless and opposite to the video, we started with having the right foot towards the pole and then adding the left leg – probably because it might be easier for a very first start ^^ And before you wonder – we were far away from doing this with just one hand on the pole *laughing*

We also then continued with “The standing fireman” (second part of the video above) , as the exercise before is just the starting point for that – and yes, hands down, I really didn´t get this down properly. I tried maybe 10 times, and one time it worked. Simply because I don´t push myself up via my legs, but rather pull myself up with the pole – which is maybe the more exhausting way of doing it and nice to speed up, but looks rather retarded.

We finished off with the “Layback” as in the video below, yet we did the static version (to be seen at the very end of the video) as it´s been the first time attempting it. And I think “attempting” is the right for it when it came to my success, as crossing the legs worked fine, laying back aswell, but then moving my hands downwards just made me slide down again and again and my inner upper legs fucking hate me for all of this. This one really got me desperate and upset, because I really wanna get this done but I just couldn´t make it work out.

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2 Responses to Pole Dancing – Lesson 2

  1. Love your post. I also learnt not to moisturize before class the hard way…

    • Having dry skin, not being able to do so is a pain in the … Literally the first thing I now do after class is covering myself in lotion hahahaha xD

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