Pole Dancing – Lesson 3

To be fair, after last week´s lesson I felt terrible – frustrated, like a wet sack of stone clinging to a damned pole, loooking hilarious and being a joke. It simply didn´t want to work, for whatever reason. But being a perfectionist and always wanting to be good, even in my freetime, it really kicked in and got me frustrated as hell. I was having thoughts of just quitting, because I´d simply not be talented enough and all this. Additionally, I had received an email of having a replacement teacher for the lesson – one reason less to go there, I though.

And you know what saved me? No, not a change of mind set at first. It was the fact that I had paid for it, and if I hate something it is wasting money. This is why at first I actually made my way through the snow to the Aerial Dance Center.

First off – the technique lessons are done, we started with the choreography, so from now on the set up of this blog entry will be a bit more…loose. Depending on how I wanna present things.

Warm up

The warm up was heavier than the weeks before, and I was sweated and out of breath after half of it already. It was far heavier on the leg muscles, though I am doing quite the same exercises at home, so I knew the pain and the struggle at least. After the warm up I felt much better warmed up than usual, which surprised me – shoulders and arms were doing well, until the day after the training (aka today), but that doesn´t surprise me.

The song for the choreography

I am an honest person, and with this I can just say – I don´t like the song. It´s plain boring to my ears. Listening to it once, okay. But listening to it on repeat and trying to find and feel yourself into the music is quite hard if you feel no connection at all to the song. Maybe I need to have a deeper listen to the lyrics at home to improve my feeling for it, but…nope, this clearly will never become my favorite song.


The choreography – a first part

Let me try to tell you a bit about how the first little part, which we learned today, looks like:
Starting off by leaning on the pole in the back, both hands touch the pole on the backside, and having the feet a bit further away from the pole. Look to the floor, before looking straight forward and then moving up the toes and then moving lower with your ass and back, and then grabbing the pole above your head with the left hand. Open the knees (yes I know it sounds dirty), then stand up ina  wave-like move, do a step, turn around and then do the backwards hook with sliding down the pole. sit on your knees, right leg forward and being on your toe, and then pull yourself up a bit and slide a bit to the other side of the pole, with only the toes touch the floor a bit. Be on your toes, lean backwards and then wave like stand up again. Then move around the pole, making sure that the toes never fully leave the floor, stand behind the pole, pull yourself up a bit again and then spread the legs without losing touch to the ground. Then slowly move down with hands and go into your knees, pulling those to the outside and the belly towards the pole instead of the other way around. Head to right, left, right, pull yourself up again in a wave like move.

Can´t imagine how it looks like? I know, it is hard. But I will try in coming Friday´s play time to record me doing it (including all the mistakes).

How was it going?

But now let´s talk about how it was going. After last week I didn´t expect anything, so it went surprisingly well. Parts of the choreography I already knew, simply because it was also done in the testing lesson back in December. The spins both work really well and also tend to look rather good, though stopping at the right time is…like playing the lottery – same goes for nicely stopping, my knees are all bruised from crashing onto the floor. The lower spin is a challenge, and the longer you try, the worse it gets because your arms are just getting tired.

What really didn´t want to work well or look good was the split legs, without the toes leaving the floor. I simply look retarded whilst doing this move, no matter how hard I try, it looks…terrible.

Remembering when to do what, meaning at which point of the music is…well it is hard to listen to the song, remember all the steps and everything. At the moment I can only do one thing at a time, and that´s challenging at times. I know it will be getting better, but also…the choreography will get longer. More to remember. More to write down, more…but if it continues going that well, I can be just happy.

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2 Responses to Pole Dancing – Lesson 3

  1. I’m just trying to get a few cardio steps down, no split leg moves to be seen yet, and I look like an idiot so Kudos to you.

    • It´s baby steps, and I try anything related to split leg moves at home aswell, kind of as a part of my gymnastics and yoga routine…unless my motivation leaves me (happens mostly xD).
      I got used to looking like a wet sand sack, so I just try take it with a laugh atm ^^

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