Pole Dancing – Play Time (29.01.2016)

First time working on my moves without a teacher, yet with two of my course mates. That clearly made it more fun and made me feel much less lonely and lost.

After a long day at work and a full week, I was already not in the best possible shape one could be in, and somehow I was also not s 100% motivated. I don’t know why it was like this, maybe because I just wanted to relax instead of doing any sort of sports. But I went anyways.


Warm-up and memory…leaks?

This time I did my own warm up, meaning my usual stretching routine and less of what we usually did before the lessons – partially also because I simply couldn’t remember all details from the lesson. And that was not the only thing that I couldn’t really fully remember. Same goes for the choreography, but luckily you were able to watch it recorded so you were able to remember. After seeing it I would say that we only use half of the song, and I really wouldn’t be was about this. Why? Less to remember and less to make perfect and less to fuck up and less power needed after
all…but that’s still a while to go and a lot of hours of exercising are still to come because I wanna make sure I don’t always forget stuff.

Practice, practice, practice!

The training itself was….well, pretty frustrating for me as a perfectionist. Simply because all of a sudden some rather easy things seemed to have stopped working – I have no idea why but it was like I  would’ve never done some moved before, which really made me insecure to be all honest. And then on the opposite, some moves that usually hardly worked all of a sudden worked rather well compared to how it had worked out ever before. I just cannot find a reason for all this, and that kinda makes me frustrated. I want things to work because they worked so extremely well St last week’s lesson…then why did it not work today as good? I don’t know. Everything looked not smooth and somehow my legs and feet were on strike when it comes to do coordinated movements for most of the time!


For now I am really not sure if I will publish the video I took of me, simply because I look terribly fat and the “performance” also didn’t look good…I sm frustrated enough, so no need to make it even worse and make me watch it again…yes. Of course I already watched it and that didn’t exactly improve my mood…

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2 Responses to Pole Dancing – Play Time (29.01.2016)

  1. These pics are awesome! You look great!

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