Pole Dancing – Lesson 4

It was rain, rain and rain…and once I was at the studio, it also didn´t feel much better than the day before somehow. I didn´t have any aching muscles or similar, but somehow I felt like I was under pressure because during the playtime things really didn´t work out and time is running until the presentation of the choreography at the end of February.


It felt really good to have the proper warm-up again, even though it really feels like the warm up gets heavier and more exhausting every time you do it. Maybe our teacher is making it more intense from week to week, with tiny bits of stronger movements and all this…but yes, I was all sweated again really quickly and felt well warmed up, no stiff muscles, nothing.


Having done the routine (aka choreo) yesterday and having seen it on video clearly helped to remember the whole. And having at least done parts of it yesterday also was a good thing to do.


I was happy that actually we didn´t only start rushing through the choreography as done with our stand in teacher, but rather focused on details and technique this lesson – meant: repeating things a zillion of times, but also getting to know why you should do things that way and not how you did it. Again and again and again, loads of good tips that made eg the sliding down knee hook much easier to stop in time. Also our teacher really had an eye on how we move – especially moving the arms in a dancer like way was…well, it felt new somehow, because whatever she did it looks to natural and normal and when I tried to do the same move I must´ve looked like a robot attempting to move like a …dancer.

Generally things didn´t really work well, some spins and things just…I don´t know, I struggled and lost the patience with myself, especially because I had a thicker pole again than the one during the play time – and i enjoyed the play time one because it was easier to grab. Need to check if there is a way to have such one for the normal lessons aswell…and…I need to get rid off my perfectionism and all this “I need to do well, otherwise…”-thinking. It just breaks everything, the fun, the good progress I had made up to now…

Maybe 15min before the end of the practice, and whilst being in full spinmode for the knee hook, I had a massive pain shooting through my arm, starting from my shoulder and ending in my fingers. But being dumb as I am at times, I continued. And even did the spins again and again until the pain weakened my hand that much that I couldn´t even grab the pole properly anymore. That was the end of the practice, my teacher tried cheering me up “happened to me many times when I started that I had a pinched nerve, just rest your arm”. Yeah, thanks. And no, it did not cheer me up at all, because I am ambitious and I wanna get things working but I had to face the fact that no matter how much I wanted, I had to rest. Every move of my arm was a pain in the ass (no, arm, but…yes I try to be funny).

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