Pole Dancing – Play Time (03.02.2016)

After Saturday I wasn’t sure if it was exactly smart to go and do some training during the week- my shoulder and arm were good again but my motivation was low and my frustration had risen to a point where I just wanted to drop it and felt as if I was an idiot. The fact that this play time started only at 9pm didn’t make it much better,because I couldn’t go home after work and before the play time because in the end I would be on the road more than anything else, so I ended up doing some shopping again – my ego needed some new clothes, after I didn’t spend anything on clothing for so long because I wanted to see money and rather spent it on concerts and travelling. But that’s not the main topic here…

Low lights- normal?
I was at the studio far too early, but that also had a positive side effect. I was chatting with some girls that already are two or more classes further and they both said that they had these “nothing fucking works anymore” phases during their very first course. And that was really really important for me to hear because I felt like I was the only one fighting against these problems and that just made me even more desperate to say it totally honest. But still, I didn’t really have any high hopes that things would improve or go any better this evening. I had mentally just given up already.

The warm up
Stretching as usual and everything, though now I need to face the fact that my shoulder is okay,butmy lower SRM would have needed much more stretching and preparing, because now after the training it hurts (or maybe I just slept really weirdly). I am really bad at warming up somehow when it comes to pole dancing,it is far easier when you do it together in a group – I mean, me and two other girls from my class did it together, but still I rather wanted to start pole dancing instead of spending valuable time on this.

The basics
At first I repeated all the moves and everything on its own, especially the sitting on a pole with the left arm and let up- it simply doesn’t feel natural for me, so I had to do it again and again. Especially I have no idea how to slowly do this – I have the feeling that it looks like I am jumping towards the pole even though I do it really controlled but yet a fast movement and not so slow as we would need it for the choreography. But nevertheless it worked surprisingly well after I had totally failed at doing this during the lesson last Saturday. My inner upper legs suffered nevertheless, but no pain no gain. The backwards knee hook went well after a few tries, and also sliding down and stopping right was going well. Nnoy on spot but soooo much better than ever before. The frog aka spinning around really close to the floor still doesn’t work again, that really pissed me off because it only worked out during the lesson where we started with the choreography and then never again.

The choreography
After all the dry basics that were necessary and went well, I started off with doing the first part of the choreography again and again, of course slower than it will be performed in the end but I wanted to make sure I do it right so I don’t make myself remember the wrong technique. It went well and so I did the second part of the already known parts of the choreography, again and again watching the training video to see some details like how to hold the hand best, how to move the arm and all of these probably more artistic than technical things.
Also and because it went to well, I tried to go ahead with the choreography and already did some basic tries of what was still to come and that should not be having too much of a difficulty unless I fall back into the old habits of being overly motivated and perfectionist…


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