Pole Dancing – Lesson 5

Before the lesson, I had doubts if it was a good thing to actually attend, but as my arm was doing okay again, I decided to be doing as much as I could handle and as long as I was without any pain.

Warm up

After having a second person who also had issues with her arm/shoulder muscles and nerves, it felt like we did a more intensive warm up for those body areas, and I felt better than I usually did during and also after the warm up. I felt like my muscles were really loose and ready to rock, kind of.


Facing the fact that we were not anywhere close to the end, and that the video on the play time was just adjusted to our current status, was…well it was frustrating. We added some more figures, mostly stuff we also had not even done in our little “technique” lessons at the start of the course.

Have I mentioned that I am sick and tired of our choreography song already?


It went well, mostly. Only one little figure on the floor just didn´t want to work out – I felt like an idiot, I really have no freaking clue how I shall ever get this working and my knees were totally bruised afterwards – as you can see on the photos. The thing is that you shall not use your knees to get back to a normal sitting position but rather a part of your feet – I am just too dumb and unflexible to get it done.

Also there is one figure, kneeing, leaning back on the feet-side of the legs and then drawing some kind of a circle until you are all leaned back – leaning back isn´t the problem here, rather that I have the feeling that I am either too fat or my arms are too short, because I cannot sit down tight enough or…I don´t know, I just cannot get the circles done and really need to find a solution for it.

Generally I am really bad when it comes to the kneeling position, my knees and feet bones and muscles don´t like it. Really gotta practice that at home, somehow. Because I know I will be needing it a lot of times. Also in later courses.

Generally the spins worked out really well, no problems there anymore, even though stopping at the right time still feels a tad like playing the lottery, but it´s become so much better now that I am all relaxed again. But spins are fun – and fun makes me smile and that also looks better.

Sitting on the pole is all fine and works really well, too – I am really surprised that the inner side of my upper legs really is not that sensitive anymore. No idea how it happened that fast but I could really get used to my body not being so sensitive to this pole torture – I always look like beaten up after the exercising…



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