Pole Dancing – Lesson 6

Another week, another lesson (was on 13th february, I am just totally slow atm)  and before the lesson I was worried to an extend that I was close to dropping the lesson and just sitting in, after all the mess my arm had made me go through during the past week. But as I was pain free and I felt good when it comes to my arm, unpacked my things and then turned off the brain tonfully be able to concentrate on the lesson.

Warming up
It has become more and more important for my muscles to have s good esrm up, at the start of this course I saw it rather laid back but now I know that especially for my shoulders and arms it is essential to really go deep into warming up. I am not a fan of many of the warm up exercises, e g. Doing a plank with socks on and being on a wooden floor tends to make me feel like a deer on ice or something like this! But the plank is getting much easier already, so it has at least something good.
The warm up kind of faced directly and without any real cut intosome digging deep when it comes to some of our choreography figures.

We continues with s few more figures and moves, and for me it really feels like the song is never gonna end and all the moves turn into one big blue, especially if you are kneeling next to the pole in two situations and once you have the right leg forward and once the left and urghs! I really am getting confused more and more the longer the choreography gets – I am really bad St remembering steps and all of these things, always been so choreographies are really a tough one on me.

We started the whole practice with repeating the most critical parts of the already learned parts of the choreography because here and there most of the group were struggling. And I also have this one goddamned move that just does not want to work out, no matter how hard the hell I try. It has become a tiny little bit better but still is far away from any good. And I look like I wanna clean the floor with my knees, and believe me, my knees totally do not appreciate this at all. They looked…red. And tortured.

Then we also did the choreography as a whole up to the point where we had been, before we added something new. But the rest of the choreography feels better every time I do it, surely I do have my dumb moments where I must have a face that says “fuck this, I got no idea what I am doing here” but those seem to get less. Or I do the “fake it till you make it” really good and just ignore that feeling…

I wasn’t too happy about the fireman being in the choreography, but no can do – and I was really surprised that it actually worked out really well when we did it – at first we started with just the fireman and the introduction to it (meaning from one to the other figure) just to add it at the end of the already learned choreography, just as some little interlude that came before it. That interlude was also not really making any problems for me, because it was rather going smoothly.

So let´s see what´s still to come – time is running and there is not much lesson time still coming until the performance night. And quite honestly, I am scared as fuck that I might mess it up and look like a fool there…


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