Pole Dancing – Lesson 7

With “a bit” of a delay I finally get to share my thoughts and feelings about the 7th and second last pole dancing lesson of this course. Time is running and our performance night is coming closer with big steps, and with gaps in my memory when it comes to remembering the steps and choreography as a whole.


I really do not know if it is intended that the warm-up is not just warming up but making one sweat like hell. And it´s getting worse and worse, instead of better. But maybe the exercises that are being sneaked in here and there require more and more strength and muscle effort, so that shoud not surprise me. But in the end it always does again and again.

Choreography & Practice

We still added things on top of the fireman – and after repeating it again and again I finally got a hang of it , even though I gotta admit that I am rather pissed that we didn´t really practice two of the things enough in advance especially one of those we did never before and that´s maiking me upset. We´re running out f time to practice and noone wants to look like an idiot there. But yeah, the new things worked rather well for me during the lesson – but we still lack the final ending of it, which we will be learning next Saturday – aka on the day of the performance. Well organzed? Hell no. But I still try to remain positive.

The parts of the choreography that we already had learned in the lessons before went…well, rather well. Here and there I was a bit confused how to get from one figure into the next one, but with numerous repetitions it improved a lot.

There is is still this one goddamned move that I smehow just cannot get working, and I feel like a noob, and idiot and…I don´t know. I really try to be patient with myself, but I am really running out of patience, time and will and nerves. And that, even though I managed to get rid off my perfectionism at this sports, simply because I lack the time to be perfect and ackowledge that…

Luckily I still have two times pole dancing before the performance… the play time (on Tuesday, report follows) and then the lesson straight ahead of the performance…it will work, it will work, it will all go right…


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