MyProtein – FlavDrops – Raspberry & Chocolate

Being on Instagram and having many fitness and weightloss related followers and those I follow, I kept on stumbling over FlavDrops, and what my friends on there were doing with it – with joghurt, curd, when baking and and and. And I got curious, to an extend, that I now finally made the step and ordered two of them – chocolate and raspberry.

FlavDrops – Raspberry

I use those drops with yoghurt or curd, especially when I nevertheless add some fruits or something else, because then it does not taste as artifical as it usually does. It sweetens the yoghurt really nicely, and you don´t feel like it is artificial anymore. Therefore – perfect for mixing it with something else that has a taste, but not really a good choice when wanting to sweeten something and giving it a taste. Unless you fancy artificial taste.

FlavDrops – Chocolate

Terrible – with whatever you mix it, the artificial taste kills it all. It does indeed sweeten wherever you put it, but the taste it brings along really cannot be covered up good enough to really enjoy it. Unless you want only a hint of chocolate taste to be in your yoghurt and and and. If you want more, then it quickly becomes a fail and a no-go taste wise.


I regret having invested money in it, especially the Chocolate FlavDrops are just terrible and I really cannot recommend those. The raspberry ones can be nice if you use it with other fruits to cover up the artificial taste, but in total…I clearly will not be buying them again.


  • Put the FlavDrops into the fridge, because once they´re warm, the taste is really not that amazing – especially not in water


Propylene glycol (carrier), natural colorant (beetroot, crimson – only for raspberry), natürliche Aromastoffe, sucralose (sweetener), water

Ordered on


Shipping: 3,95 €
FlavDrops: 3,66 €

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