Pole Dancing – Play Time (16.03.2016)

Motivation…motivation…it is quite a nice word, I really have to admit. And it´s a strong word, no doubt. But if you have no motivation, then you´re in trouble. Sometimes, but that also is not always like it.

I realized this during this play time that I did with a pole dance mate together. I again was really not motivated, rather laid back and in a “let´s see if it works – if it does, nice, if not, well bad luck” kind of mood and attitude. It´s better than being all stressed out about it, but still not a good feeling.

Nevertheless, I had a plan what I wanted to achieve during this play time – and the plan was: the beginning of the choreo since I had missed the first lesson and had to face the fact that I really struggled with it in the second lesson and urgently needed to catch up.

So it is what we did – watching the video, doing stuff, being stuck, watching video again, repeating it on the pole, wondering how to put the hand, watching video again…until at some point it simply started working out, the repetition effect worked out really well and I started getting more and more confident about it aswell. And this also helped I think, because I started believing in me, and then things just worked smoother. I was surprised how well it actually worked at the end – still slower than it is going to be in the choreography, but that´s something that I gotta work on sooner or later aswell in the lessons and play time.

The spins and the lady seat again worked out rather well, except for the fact that it became difficult once I started sweating and also my legs were rather sweaty – the sliding started, re-applying the sticky chalk, sweating it all off, sliding – and believe me, one slide did the trick – my inner legs just hurt so badly…That one. damned. time. Besides this it always worked out really well, but this time I tried to quick, didn´t get into the fully right position and then slipped. Ah well, shit happens.

Overall – successful playtime, and that even though I was not motivated. Maybe lesser pressure means more success, let´s see 😉


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