Pole Dancing – Art of Pole – Lesson 3 & 4

The lesson on 26th of March was not happening due to Easter, so now you get a glimpse on the past two lessons as I am a lazy fuck and didn´t get to write about it earlier.

As I mentioned before, I was struggling with my motivation. Also because I partially wonder how to finance it every month, it is not a nice thought to have in the back of the mind – I try to do the dancing with the heart and turn off the mind, but of course it is not always working.

So again I was rather in a “I somehow like it but still am not motivated” – and I think noone understood how this is possible. But for me it once again helped to focus a lot more than I did during the first course.

Warming Up

During the first course I always thought that it cannot get any harder and hotter during warming up, but…yes, it is possible. And it felt like a partial struggle, I was slipping on the floor because I somehow had sweaty feet (no idea how that happened) and it happened on both weeks, even though in lesson 4 the warm up felt even worse because after the long break between the two lessons (i ditched my two play times because I was not feeling too well) I felt stiff and somehow like an old woman trying to do some gymnastics. It really got visible how important it is to keep the schedule of going twice a week so you´re staying in shape.

The lesson & the choreography

Lesson 3 was a bit of a…you know, the old things worked well, and the repetitions really did good for the details of the choreography, the timing worked rather well – sure, here and there I failed, at the moment then it was a russion roulette because stable dancing through the choreography really did not work for me. Also we added two new things, one how to get out of the lady seat thingy and this one was a major fail for me. I simply could not get it done, no matter how hard I tried it was either me not having enough power in my arms to hold on to the pole (do I was sliding down to fast) and/or my legs did not want to do what they were supposed to do.

So I was already frustrated and then one more thing was added to the choreography – a backwards bend. Well thank you, it´s not like bending backwards is killing my back, but well…I was not too happy about the lesson overall, saying the least.

In lesson 4 I was surprised that I still remembered most of the choreography and that many parts worked far better than they did before the Easter break. It was irritating, but in a positive way. One move that simply did not want to work in lesson 3 all of a sudden workedout rather well, maybe because I was able to focus more than at the last lesson. I can only guess, as I have no clue what was different or what made it any different.

The thing that killed my back was a back bend whilst still holding on to the pole – my back really did not approve, and I am scared that doing this halfway out of a spin in the choreography and rather quick will not make this any better. My back is good as long as it is bending forwards, but bending backwards is a pain in the back. Literally. In lesson 3 it was not so bad as in lesson 4 because we didn´t do it as fast as it was needed in the choreography…so this is something I clearly gotta work on.

One challenge mastered, and the next one came – floor work. Doing stuff on the floor makes me feel like a strandled whale, rolling around and trying to look artistic and bluntly said: failing at its best. Only good thing is that certain things work well for me as I have strong abs, so I am happy I worked on those a lot all the time.



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