stripTEASE – Testing Lesson (April 2016)

We all know this clichee of a woman wearing a man´s shirt and then stripping out of it in front of his eyes, right? It really looks elegant and sexy and aesthetic. If you know how to do it. But me being sexy in this sense never matched in front of my inner eye, so I booked a testing lesson for exactly this. With laughing tears, to be fully honest.

The closer the lesson came, the more unsure I became, if that I really was a good idea. But yeah, no getting away anymore, I wanted to try and then I had to stick to it until the bitter end (or should I say: “until the stripped end”?).

First off now – no, no naked skin, unless you were wearing a top like me underneath your blouse or whatever else with buttons that you chose to get rid off in the little choreography that we learned.

Already the little warm up made me feel stiff, unsexy and looking like a retard. Laughing and giggling about myself was a way how to try to take it easy, but somehow it didn´t really help – luckily I was not the only one feeling a tad uncomfortable.

Then we started with the choreography, first step by step (move by move, touch by touch) and then more and more moves all together and after each other with the music.

The song was the following – not the full one, just I think the first verse and the first repetition of the chorus:

To be honest, this is really not my type of music, but it really was fitting – though listening to the lyrics already caused one of many laugh attacks that I had during this one hour lesson. No, please do NOT google them, just…don´t. Believe me. Just once at least.

So yeah, the choreography – or better: how to look sexy when touching yourself (this is so awkward to even write about this because of looking back), where to touch yourself and why and when and how and…overload. I felt like I was being rather an actress than myself, though it somehow felt good to be doing this. For the self confidence and confidence in the own body and …I don´t know, it was simply weird in many ways.

And you know what was also weird (and didn´t really feel sexy at all)? I was sweating. Why on earth was I sweating just because of these few moves, attempting to look sexy.

But anyways, it was fun somehow, and somehow I had aching muscles in my face from all the laughing. But I really didn´t feel like showing the “choreography” to anyone, not even to the mirror at my own apartment, because it really did not make me feel sexy. Possibly I´d need some more lessons for it, who knows.

It´s just a pity that there is only an 8 weeks course for it, and not a course of around 4 weeks or something related. Because I know that these 8 weeks would be too much, but 4 weeks would be cool…let´s see what is gonna come up in the future.


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